Fred Jones

Organizational Communication
Mini Conference 2012

October 5, 2012 - October 7, 2012


The 25th annual OCMC is being sponsored by The University of Oklahoma Office of the President, Office of Research Services, College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate College, Office of the Provost, and the Department of Communication.

Panel Presentations    
Anna Wiederhold Ohio University Constructing "community" amid economic disaster: A case study analysis of local organizing in the rural United States
Allison Weidhass University of South Florida Narrative accounts of female business owners
Sandra K. Evans University of Southern California Embracing the digital transformation: How social networks and social media influence the capacity for organizational change in public broadcasting organizations
William Barley Northwestern University Cloudy with a Chance of Partnership: How Weather Researchers Shape Science to Support Collaboration
Sara Baker University of Nebraska-Lincoln An Exploration of GLB/TQ Emerging Adults Organizing for Social Change
Angie Pastorek University of Texas It's the Beauty and the Problem: Shifting Structures, Organizational Communication and Voluntary Exit.
Rahul Mitra Purdue University Accomplishing Sustainability, from Local Networks to Global Transformative Policies: How Do Sustainability Professionals Make Work “Meaningful”?
Laurie Stewart Kansas State University Technology Acceptance in Organizations
Elizabeth Minei University of Oklahoma Entrepreneurial Concerns: Communication and Leadership Issues within the Disengagement/Growth Phase in the Organizational Life Cycle of Small Businesses
Ryan Fuller UC Santa Barbara Unions at the edge of chaos: Union members’ perceptions and communicative framing of entertainment industry changes 
DaJung Woo Kansas State University The Perceptions of Student Interns: Exploring Organizational Assimilation Process of Interns and Influences on Organizational Identity
Jonathan Wickert University of Missouri Unemployment and Uncertainty Management: Exploring Social Class Differences
Stephanie Dailey University of Texas What Happens Before Employment? An Exploration of Prior Experiences in Shaping Assimilation and Identity 
Zhe Li Rutgers Organizational image co-construction among stakeholders on social media and its relation to organizational reputation
Ran Ju Ohio University A Model to Understand Information Seeking Behaviors as Organizational Socialization: New Media Use, Uncertainty Reduction, Organizational Identification
Angela Gist University of Missouri Managing Unemployment Experiences: A critical ethnographic analysis of reemployment organizations.
Poster Sessions    
Amanuel Gebru University of South Africa Development and Validation of a Hybrid Measure of Organizational Communciation Satisfaction
Veronica Dawson University of Utah Textual agency of the corporate weblog as constitutive of organizational identity: A critical discourse analysis of organizational blogging about environmental activism and anti-consumerism
Kyle Heuett University of Tennessee Recruiter’s Organizational Status as a Means to Achieving Organizational Attraction
Hilary Schlimbach University of Texas Emergency Use of Communication Mediums  
Michael Sollitto West Virginia University Communicating Organizational Exit: The Development and Validation of the Peer-Influenced Exit Measure
Laura Young University of Kentucky Clearing the Smoke: Understanding Internal Communication in an Urban Fire Department
Moyi Jia University of Ohio Emotion and Communication Behaviors in the Workplace: Supervisor Nonverbal Immediacy, Employees’ Emotion Experience, and their Communication Motives
Alina Lungeanu Northwestern University The Effects of Diversity on Collaborative Innovative Networks: The Case of the Oncofertility Scientific Subfield
Paula Hopeck Purdue University Advocacy and translation: The organization as the intersection of end-of-life policies and decisions
Katherine Gronewold North Dakota State University Toward a Model Explaining the Institutionalization of CSR Types: A Case of the Petroleum Industry
Ashley Barrett University of Texas Pushing Boundaries: Time, Media Use, and Work-Life Practices in Hospital Organizations
Cara Jacocks Texas A & M University The Dialectics of Women’s Entrepreneurship
Martijn VanKelegom University of Tennessee Initiating Mentoring Relationships
David Askay UNC Charlotte Organizing the Crowd: Confessions of an Elite Yelper
Sunny Lee Rutgers A Study on the Impact of Church Communication Networks and Personal Communication Technologies Uses on Korean Immigrants’ Intercultural Development
Elizabeth Goins University of Texas Climate Change Narratives in Norwegian Resource Management Organizations
Kris Knutson University of Kansas Understanding the Effects of Argumentation, Dyadic Coping, and Collaboration on the Division of Labor in Dual Earner and Dual Career Couples