#Noshir C.

OCMC Preconference 2012

October 5, 2012, 1pm-5pm

National Weather Center, Rm. 1313

The 25th annual OCMC is being sponsored by The University of Oklahoma Office of the President, Office of Research Services, College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate College, Office of the Provost, and the Department of Communication.



Dr. Noshir Contractor to give free Network Analysis Workshop at OU

Dr. Contractor has provided us with the PowerPoint slides he utilized in his presentation. You can view them by clicking here.

WHONoshir Contractor, Ph.D. (Jane S & William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences) from Northwestern University’s Departments of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences is a leading international scholar in the fields of communication and information science. He is a pioneer in developing theory and methods at the intersections of communication, communication technologies, organizations, and social networks.  He has published over 50 refereed journal articles and 30 book chapters and coauthored the book Theories of Communication Networks.

WHAT: Dr. Contractor will teach a free “hands-on” 4-hour workshop on conducting social network analysis of data collected from work settings.

WHEN: October 5th, 2012, 1pm-5pm

WHERE: National Weather Center, Rm. 1313

WHY: Preconference Workshop for the Organizational Communication Mini-Conference (OCMC)

REGISTRATION: Although this is a free workshop, participation is limited. Please register by indicating whether you will be attending just the workshop or the workshop and the OCMC on the registration page for OCMC.

SPONSORED BY: OU's Department of Communication, OU's College of Arts and Sciences FOCAS Distinguished Lecture Series