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Education Opportunities

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BLOSSM in Oklahoma

Bridging Local Outreach & Seismic Signal Monitoring


BLOSSM is a geoscience outreach program which is placing 100 seismographs, called Raspberry Shakes, into K-16 educational institutions, and public learning spaces such as museums and libraries. Our goal is to promote integrated curriculum opportunities through the use of this educational technology, while expanding our seismic network.

We are currently in the Regional Rollout (phase 2) of a Three-Phase Rollout Plan. During the Pilot, we deployed 10 units. During Phase 2, the Regional Rollout, we will deploy an additional 30 units. During Phase 3, the Statewide Rollout, we will deploy the remaining 60 units.

We will support participants in BLOSSM through mini-workshops to provide time for teachers to work with one another, and to have time with our seismic analysts and curriculum experts.

If you're interested in being part of the BLOSSM project, you can complete the short application form here: Please contact Molly Yunker with any questions!



Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Kit

A traveling kit with museum-quality rock, mineral, and fossil specimens

Rock, Mineral, Fossil Kit

This Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Kit (RMF Kit) was generously provided to the Oklahoma Geological Survey by the Oklahoma Geological Foundation, whose mission is to further geoscience education efforts within Oklahoma.

The RMF kit is meant to travel to schools, classrooms, museums, and public spaces to expose children of all ages to geology phenomena. The specimens are quite large (note the highlighter for scale in the center of the image above) and are meant to be handled. There's not a "No Touching" policy with this collection. Instead, we encourage touching, feeling, making observations, and asking questions.

I'd like to work together with educators of all types (scout leaders, homeschoolers, teachers, and informal educators, etc.) to develop a program, lesson, or curriculum to accompany the RMF Kit. This can be adapted to your students' needs/level/content.

If you'd like to request a visit from the Traveling RMF Kit to your classroom, please contact Molly Yunker.




Library Programs

Stacey at Library Storytime

OGS Geologists can lead short library programs to engage children and adults of all ages in Earth Science. We can read stories with STEM themes to children, organize rock, mineral, and fossil activities, and discuss issues relevant to Oklahoma with library patrons. Contact Molly Yunker for more information.



Booth for Outreach Events

The Oklahoma Geological Survey will staff a booth at outreach and public events

Women in Science conference, Tulsa, OK

The Oklahoma Geological Survey has setup tables at many different events in the state, including Gem & Mineral Shows, conferences, science outreach days at museums, STEM Summits, and more. If you'd like to have a table with information and/or activities hosted by the Oklahoma Geological Survey, please contact Molly Yunker.



GeoXP - A Geology Experience Tour of Sarkeys Energy Center

The Pick & Hammer Club, along with OGS can lead your group on a Geology tour of SEC

Students leaving after the Geology Experience

We offer a 2-hour tour of the Sarkeys Energy Center (SEC) - an engaging and educational Geology Experience! We have developed a station-based tour, so we'll split your group up into four smaller groups, and each group will rotate through each of the four stations.

The four stations include:

  • Augmented Reality Sandbox and Streamtable
  • Rock & Mineral Display Cases and Scavenger Hunt
  • Raspberry Shake Seismograph and Seismicity in Oklahoma
  • Hands-on Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils

If you're interested in bringing a group for an education Geology Experience co-hosted by Pick & Hammer, and the Oklahoma Geological Survey, please contact Molly Yunker.



OPIC Teacher Resource Room

Visit the Oklahoma Petroleum Information Center teacher resource room to get materials for your classroom

Teacher kit

OPIC is a 192,000 square foot warehouse that holds core samples, well logs, reports, literature, and other resources about Oklahoma's petroleum exploration. In addition to these resources, OPIC houses a resource room with rock, mineral, and fossil specimens available for teachers and educators in Oklahoma. If you're interested in visiting OPIC to collect resources for your classroom, please contact Molly Yunker to setup an appointment.



Visit from a Geologist

An OGS geologist can visit your classroom or school to meet with your students

Dr. Jake Walter visits a classroom

The Oklahoma Geological Survey has many Geologists that can visit your classroom to chat with your students, or engage with students through a school-wide assembly! If you're covering an Earth Science topic, or you're interested in exposing students to careers in the geosciences, please contact Molly Yunker to setup a visit with one of our science staff.



Teacher Professional Development Workshops

OGS can provide professional development experiences

We can customize a professional development experience for your group of K-12 teachers. Dr. Molly Yunker, the Education & Outreach Coordinator for the OGS has a Ph.D. in Science Education, and can host a workshop to help Earth Science teachers align content to the Oklahoma Academic Science Standards. We can develop an engaging and inquiry-based workshop experience, using various resources within our community. Please contact Molly Yunker for more information or to discuss your workshop needs.




A Traveling Earth Science Library

GeoBooks Library - packed and ready to visit your classroom!

We have received funding to assemble a traveling Earth Science library. This library will consist of about 75 books for various age levels from 5-13 (K-8th grade), that will be delivered right to your classroom for up to three weeks. Ideally, the GeoBooks library will be delivered during the time that you are working on an Earth Science unit with your students. The library can serve as a wonderful reference, and can engage and inspire students to ask questions and explore new topics.

The GeoBooks Library has started traveling around the state. If you're interested in reserving a time for the library to visit your classroom, please contact Molly Yunker.



GeoKIDS - A rock collection your students can take home!

Geology Explorers in Oklahoma – Kids Investigating & Doing Science

GeoKIDS collection

We have received funding to distribute starter rock collection kits to each student in your classroom! The collection will consist of a baggie holding about 9 rock, mineral, and fossil specimens. The best part is your students will be able to keep their own collection. If you're interested, we can setup a visit to your classroom, work with the Rock, Mineral, and Fossil kit described above (large specimens for students to engage with), and then hand out the GeoKIDS collections for each student to explore and take home. We can work together to develop a short lesson to accompany this visit if you'd like, or you can develop your own activity! We can customize a visit to your classroom to fit your needs! Consider requesting a visit from the GeoBooks traveling library at the same time...

If you're interested in participating in GeoKIDS, please contact Molly Yunker.