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About The Initiative

One University
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About The One University Digital Initiative

  • Improve student and community experience through innovation
  • Lower costs for students
  • Support community and connections
  • Serve the state and world with educational content

In summer 2012, a task force at The University of Oklahoma (OU) launched a digital initiative, One University, aimed at transforming the student experience through a series of new technologies and digital tools. Some of the projects of the digital initiative include:



OU Bound

Innovation in onboarding students

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With many different departments, processes, and steps to complete between your senior year in high school and freshman year in college, OU Bound makes it easier than ever to become a Sooner. This app uses technology to get beyond difficult processes for admitted students.

Learn more about OU Bound.

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Store & Technology Playground

One University Store

At its core, the space is a technology playground featuring the most sought-after technology on campus. Just as Walt Disney sought to inspire innovation through the idea of Epcot, the One University store seeks to encourage and drive innovation by campus community members.

Learn more about the One University Store

one university store



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