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K12 Visits

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K12 Visits

Community outreach is a cornerstone of the One University Store. With engaging opportunities for student groups, field trips, in-service opportunities and more, the store is a playground of technology, learning, and innovation. Let us help you develop your next group visit to One U.

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What others are saying

I am currently the librarian at Irving Middle School in Norman, OK. In October of 2013, I had the pleasure of touring the OU ONE store during a district technology meeting. During our afternoon spent on campus we were able to see demonstrations of all the various pieces of technology available at the store. This session was helpful to me to see the potential uses in a public school setting of technology currently being used at the University level. As a teacher I find the store a very exciting addition to our community. As we tried out the technology, Mr. Goodspeed explained how OU is using the technology and gave suggestions for potential uses for our K12 students. The ONE store is an excellent example of a place to bring my students and allow their imagination to soar.

I am very excited about the addition of the ONE store to the University of Oklahoma campus. My school frequently takes advantage of all the opportunities offered to us through the University and the ONE store is no exception. After our tour of the store I spoke at length with Mr. Goodspeed about the opportunities available to our students through this initiative. I returned to school excited to share what I had learned with my faculty and we have planned to incorporate a trip through the ONE store each time we visit campus. Some exciting activities we have planned are:

  • taking virtual tours of different countries using Google Liquid Galaxy as part of our Model United Nations trip to the University
  • creating a 3D model of student designed science projects as part of our Discovery Science curriculum.
  • Using the hands on touch screens to explore what the University has to offer as a part of our college prep unit with 8th graders
  • learning how to use Leapmotion technology and augmented reality and the real world uses for each.

In addition to the immediate potential for exploratory field trips with our students, the ONE store is a wonderful place to learn about technology initiatives the University has implemented. Seeing and hearing about the success and financial viability of digital textbooks, iTunesU lessons and campus explorations via touch screen televisions puts these initiatives into the realm of possibility for our school district.

I cannot wait to introduce these technology pieces to my students.

With Regards,
Amanda Kordeliski
Irving Middle School