oklahoma population institute (OPI)


The Oklahoma Population Institute (OPI) is dedicated to research and training in demography, and to building a community of demographers on the University of Oklahoma campus.  Because population processes and structures interact with the majority of scientific and public policy agendas, OPI researchers seek to use demographic methods and perspectives to understand the important social problems and policy issues of our day. 

As a population research community, we aim to stimulate targeted population research on the OU campus through collaboration among social scientists who are already well-defined population scholars.  We also seek to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration across areas that naturally overlap in interest with population studies (i.e., meteorology, geography, political science, epidemiology, biostatistics, and pediatrics).  Our ultimate goal is expand the OPI and its programs so that we:

  1. may develop into a formalized population studies program with teaching, research and service functions;
  2. develop a curriculum to train graduate students across disciplines in demographic techniques and approaches,
  3. continue to engage in meaningful interdisciplinary research collaborations, and
  4. are awarded funding for demographic research.