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Print Charges

Student responses to our computer lab surveys are very clear: printing is the primary reason students visit OU IT computer labs. With OU Print Charges, you'll always know how much you owe and can easily access the print details. And when something goes wrong – like a paper jam, streaking, or a hardware error – you can submit our online refund request form.

Our computer lab printing services, which are available to all students, faculty, and staff, feature:

about print charges

OU IT credits your print account with $10.00 each semester:

  • A positive balance means you have not spent your $10.00 credit.
  • A negative balance means you have spent more than the $10.00 credit.
  • Any outstanding negative balance will be charged to your Bursar account at month's end.

You can check your charges through OU's Online Print Charges Statement at (opens new window):

  • Summary displays visualizations of your prints, including balance overview and environmental impact.
  • Transaction History lists all print activity, including the $10.00 credits applied by OU IT each semester and the monthly transfer of your outstanding balance to the Bursar's office.
  • Recent Print Jobs lists print jobs for the current month.
  • Web Print allows you to submit print jobs from your personal computer.

Computer lab workstations help you manage your print charges with the Print Balance Pop-up and the Print Confirmation Dialogue Box.

The Print Balance Pop-up displays your current print balance and will update with each new print job. The pop-up opens on the desktop each time you log into an OU IT computer lab workstation.


The Print Confirmation Dialogue Box means no more surprise print charges! When you print a document, the confirmation box displays the total cost of the print. Click Print to confirm the charges and your balance pop-up will update to reflect the cost of the print.