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Active Police Investigations

Outstanding Crimes

Current Crime Prevention Actvities Scheduled

Self Defense Classes

Crime Prevention Documents Menu

Outstanding Crimes

Active Police Investigations

Holiday Personal Safety and Security Tips
(cross-linked from the Personal Safety Menu)

OUPD Crime Prevention Programs

Current Crime Prevention Activites

Campus Crimestoppers Program

Operation I.D. Program

Posters & Brochures

OUPD Bike Patrol

Hate Crime

Harassing and Obscene Phone Calls

Hardening Your Home

Identity Theft (Our "flagship" article/presentation)

OU Safewalk

Lost & Found

Hardening Your Home

Public Presentations Available

Public Presentation Request Form

Security Consultation Request Form

Citizen's Self-Arrest Program
(the lighter side of Crime Prevention)

Crime Prevention "LINKS"

Semi-Annual Time-Change Safety Tips (seasonal)

Personal Safety Documents Menu

Identity Theft (Our "flagship" article/presentation)

Holiday Personal Safety and Security Tips

Trust Your Instincts

Hardening Your Home

Self Defense Training Programs

Personal Safety & "Devices"

Harrassing & Obscene Phone Calls

Dater's Bill of Rights

Hate Crime

Bike Safety

Bike Security

Bike U-lock Security Tips

Bike Registration

Bicycle Norman

OU Safewalk

GREEK Safety & Security Tips

Women's Resource Center, Inc.

Number Nyne Crisis Center

Semi-Annual Time-Change Safety Tips (seasonal)

Tornado & Severe Weather Information

Vehicle Safety Section:

Traffic Enforcement: Myths and Facts

Fairy Tales about Seat Belts

Air Bag Safety
(including Child Safety Seat information)

Night Driving

Emergency Vehicles and YOU

Kids, the School Bus, and YOU

Speed Still Kills

Traffic Safety & Youth:
Teens and Young Adults

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator

Drunk Driving

Designated Drivers & Related Programs

Straight Down the Road

Alternate-Fueled Vehicle Crashes
(for Emergency Personnel)

Road Safety (S.T.O.R.M.S.)

Norman Street Construction Hotline

Phone Resources:

Emergency Phone Numbers

TDD Lines on the Norman Campus

New Oklahoma Area Code Information

Personal Safety "Links"


Identity Theft (Our "flagship" article/presentation)

Is Your Child "Wired" Yet?

Notes, Advice, and Warnings for Parents and Kids (Internet Safety)

KID SAFETY on the Internet (57 pages)

Romance on the Web

YOUR MONEY and the Internet

Computer Virus Hoaxes

E-Mail Chain Letters

Dealing with SPAM

Border-Line SCAMS

Mail Bandits: Out to Get YOU

Internet Hoaxes Page (external link)

Hoax Categories (external link)

Hoax Index (external link)

Internet Safety "Links"

1st-Aid & Health Documents Menu

Plant Smarts (23 pages)

Perilous Partners (and linking 180+ "short" pages)

The Great Snake Test (from Perilous Partners)

First-Aid for Poisoning

College Stress

1st-Aid Training Classes

Choking Emergencies

Cancer Food Fight

Number Nyne Crisis Center

Women's Resource Center, Inc.

Medic-Alert Program

Kitchen Gadgets: Food for Thawt

Kitchen Safety Test

1st-Aid & Health "Links"

Drug & Alcohol Documents Menu

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator

Alcohol Awareness Presentations Available

Drug/Alcohol Policy

Employee Assistance Program

Drug & Alcohol "Links"

Drunk Driving

Designated Driver and Related Programs

Straight Down The Road

About OUPD Sub-Menu

WELCOME Message from the Director

Mission Statement

General Information

Annual Sooner Safety Report
(Includes Cleary Report statistics)

OUPD Daily Media Log

Police Bike Patrol

On-Line Computer Services

Contact Information

Annual Police/Firefighters Chili Supper

The Christmas Store of Cleveland County

Friends of the Duck Pond

About This Website

Campus MAPS Sub-Menu
"Some" of the maps on this site are listed, below.
Note: Approximately 50 Norman Campus and other area maps of interest to the University community. Much of the linking is graphic-mapping based and cannot be adequately linked directly to this index.

Main MAPS page

3D Color Map Set(Low-Res)

3D Color Map Set(High-Res)

3D Color Overall Map(Low-Res)

3D Color Overall Map(High-Res)

Routes to Campus from OKC or Dallas

Routes to Campus from Will Rogers World Airport

Parking Lot Map Set
(This is the "highest detail" map set of the Main Campus area.)

Jimmie Austin OU Golf Course

Main Campus Route to OUPD Headquarters Map

Feedback Forms MENU

Parking/MetroTrans Feedback Form

Norman Campus HAZARD Reporting Form

Physical Plant Maintenance Request Form

OU Fire Safety Unit Service Form

Public Presentation Request Form

OUPD Security Consultation Request Form

External LINKS Menu
This lists specific "external links" pages and does not include all external links "within" various pages on this site.

Crime Prevention external LINKS

Personal Safety external LINKS

Fire Safety external LINKS

Drug & Alcohol external LINKS

1st-Aid & Health external LINKS



Law Enforcement external LINKS

Most Wanted external LINKS

Big-12 Police Agencies external LINKS

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