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Online Bicycle Registration Form
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and review the details of the bike registration program.
Registration is free, and does not expire.
See the "Registration Form Notes" at the end of this page if you have any questions.
Please provide the following identifying information about you and your bike:
Bike identifying information:  
Make/Brand: Model:
Primary Color: / Secondary Color:
Type : (select)         Wheel Size:         Value: $
All registrations must contain either the bike's serial number or
an "Owner-Applied Number" (OAN) stamped/engraved on the bike:

Serial #:   or   OAN:
Location (on the bike) of the Serial Number or Owner Applied Number:

Aftermarket Add-ons / Unique Features:

Bike Owner's Information:  
Last Name: First Name Middle:
You must provide either your OU ID# or a valid motor vehicle operators licence number (and state), for identification:
OU ID#:   or   Driver's License #: DL State:
Local Address: Street: Apt./Rm. #: City: State: Zip:
Home Phone: Cell Phone: Email Address:

Student's Permanent Address: Street: Apt./Rm. #:
City: State: Zip: Phone:


Before submitting your registration, please take a moment to also complete
the following crime prevention survey information (below) regarding
the lock/chain/cable system you use to secure your bike:

Crime Prevention Survey:
Lock Information:
Lock Brand: Model:         "Shrouded" padlock?   No   Yes
Lock Type: (select)
Lock Value: $       Lock shackle Diameter: inch   mm (specify mm or inches)

Cable/Chain Information:
Chain/Cable Value: $       Type: (select)
Cable/Link Diameter: inch   mm (specify mm or inches)
Additional lock/cable/chain information:


Click the SUBMIT REGISTRATION button, below,
to submit your bike registration to OUPD:

(Read carefully before filling out and submitting the registration form)
  • Make/Brand: The bike's manufacturer's name is often on the front of the bicycle’s head tube. Examples: Trek, Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Huffy, Murray, Mongoose, Kona, Bianchi, Raleigh, Saracen, Ridgeback, Carrera, Speedster, Ammaco, Voodoo, Merida, Giant.
  • Model: This is the specific model name for the bicycle. Examples: T2000, XPS, Ironman, Cruiser, 6700, Banshee, MX2, Mantra, Raven, G2, Dawg, Griphon, Skyline, Vanquish, Bad Boy, Voyager, Genesis..
  • Primary/Secondary Colors: If your bike has one predominant color of paint, write that color under "Primary Color" and leave "Secondary Color" blank. If the bicycle has two or more colors, write the most predominant as the "Primary Color" and next most dominant color as the "Secondary Color"
  • Type: Indicate the type of bicycle from the pull-down list. If you are unsure, leave it blank (-----).
  • Wheel Size: Indicated on the sidewall of the tire. An example of a wheel size on the tire is 27 x 1.25, in which case you'd enter "27" for the wheel size. Mountain bikes typically have 26 inch tires, hybrids and road bikes have 700cc.
  • Value: Enter the approximate value of your bike and it's accessories, not including lock and cable/chain.
  • Image show common serial number locations on bike frames
  • Serial Number/OAN: the Serial Number (or Owner Applied Number) is the most important identifying feature of your bicycle. In the event your bike is stolen, if you cannot provide your serial number or OAN to law enforcement, it is very unlikely that your bike will ever be recovered and returned to you.
    The serial number is unique to the bicycle and is found on the bicycle’s frame. See the diagram (right) for the most common serial number locations. If you cannot locate your serial number, bring your bike to one of the on-campus registration locations and we will assist you in locating your bike's serial number or will stamp an OAN into your frame for permanent identification.
  • Gears: Indicate number of speeds or gears on your bicycle. To find how many speeds your bicycle is, multiply the number of chain-rings (by your pedals) by the number of cogs on your rear wheel "cassette". Common speeds include 16 (2 x 8), 21 (3 x 7), 24 (3 x 8) and 27 (3 x 9).
  • Aftermarket Add-ons / Unique Features: List any significant add-on equipment, damage, or other features (such as lettering color or add-on decals) that might help identify your bike and assist patrol officers in spotting it.
  • Name, Address, Phone Numbers and E-mail Address of owner: Information we need to identify you as the owner and to contact you if we recover your bicycle. If you have a cell phone, please provide that number in addition to your room/apartment/house phone number.

  • If a student, and you anticipate your "local" address to change during your years at OU, also provide your permanent home address and phone number to insure we can contact you if your bike is recovered.
  • OU ID# or Driver's License# and DL State: Provide either your OU ID# or a valid motor vehicle operators license number (and state), for identification.
  • Image: Examples of shrouded padlocks
  • Completing the "Crime Prevention Survey": Please provide as much detail as you can regarding your locking system.
    (FAQ: A "shrouded" lock is one where the case has "shoulders" that cover much of the lock's shackle, limiting the ability of a thief to cut/saw through the shackle.)
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