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Join us
on a Thursday (to be announced)
in JANUARY, 2011

for the 38th-Annual event!

Check back here in Fall 2010 so you can get the date of the 2011 chili supper and mark your calendar!

The 37th Annual Chili Supper was held
January 7th, 2010
5:30PM till 8:00PM
at the
(Located on Main St. at Pickard.)
where we sold 360 GALLONS of chili at the January 2010 chili supper!

For Parking:
Enter on the Southeast side of the School
(Pickard Street)

Come Eat With Us in 2011!
Take it home
!!!   Fast pickup   !!!

Sacked and ready to go in minutes

Minimum Donation
$5.00 at the door
Children Under 8 free


The Christmas Store, P.O.Box 256 Norman, OK 73070

The 2011 Chilli Supper will mark the 38th year that the firefighters and police officers of Norman and OU have held an annual Chili Supper whose proceeds are given to the Christmas Store of Cleveland County.

Firefighters and police officers provide the labor to operate this event, and rely upon the generosity of community businesses and individuals to furnish as much as possible of the materials needed with our intent being that ALL of the ticket revenue can be delivered to the Christmas Store for which we are one of the few sources of cash.

Through the January-2010 Chili Supper we were able to give approximately $7,231 to the Christmas Store!

It's truly great chili, a great price, with great company and for a great cause.

It's a true COMMUNITY event - come be part of your COMMUNITY!

If you've been before, we know you'll be back. If you've never attended, please stop by! Don't have time to eat with us? Come by and pick some up to take home! Instant Pickup!!!

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