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OUPD's Community Policing BEATS
Our "flagship" presentation on IDENTITY THEFT & Fraud

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Outstanding Crimes

Active Police Investigations

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Posters and Brochures

OUPD Bike Patrol

Harrassing and Obscene Phone Calls

OU Safewalk

Lost & Found on Campus

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Public Presentation Request Form

Hardening Your Home

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention
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Security Consultation Request Form

Criminal Justice System "Flowchart"

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Citizen's Self-Arrest Form
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Our award-winning satire.

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Click HERE For Listing Of Oklahoma Kids

The CyberTipline!Note: There is now a national 24-hour toll-free "Cyber Tip HOTLINE" at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) where parents can report "suspicious" on-line activity and possible incidents of on-line child-pornography, and also for reporting any information regarding a missing child. The tip line is run by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

The CyberTipline! You can also talk to one of the hotline operators LIVE, via the Internet, if your computer has a microphone and speakers, by clicking HERE.

Note about the "Cyber TipLine" Java™ Plug-in (above): You will need the Java Plug-in to run/view this banner on your computer. Most computers come with the Java Plug-in already installed, but Windows XP does not. If you do not have the Java Plug-in installed on your computer, click HERE for download and intstallation information.

Click HERE to go to the OUPD Terrorism Preparedness webpage!

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