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This page shows the first part of the 1998 reviews. Click on one of the buttons, below, for other 1998 reviews or review from other years: (At the end of each 1998 page are additional buttons/pointers to allow you to browse all the 1998 pages.)

1995 Site Reviews 1996 Site Reviews 1997 Site Reviews 1998 Site Reviews: Multi-Part
1998 Reviews - Part 1

Our site has received the
"Top Cop Award"

"Congratulations we have selected your site for our Top Cop Award. We feel that you deserve some recognition for your outstanding work that you have displayed. Keep up the outstanding work and keep safe. "

-Rick (The Flash)

Our site has received the
"Brotherhood Of The Badge" Award

"I am honored to present you with the "Brotherhood of the Badge" award for web site excellence! Your site displays the heart and soul of all Officers. Again, congratulations, and keep up the good work! Take Care and Be Safe, "

-Gail Orth-Aikmus, Brotherhood of the Badge Representative

A peer review...
"I love your web site! ...your site is definately the best campus law enforcement site I have seen!"

-Dennis Shaw, Director,
Security and Police Services
University of Wisconsin-Stout

Our site was awarded the
".Cool Reality Award"
by "Artistic Reality"

"Congratulations on your site! Your site has been reviewed and awarded the .Cool Reality Award. This award is only given to sites that have elegant graphics, content, and a cool sense of being about it.

I really enjoy your site. Keep up the good work!"

-Jon Osbeck, Artistic Reality Web Productions

Our site was awarded the
"Design Excellence Award"
by "Tweeter's World"


"Congratulations on winning my award, which is given to sites that demonstrate excellence in design & layout as well as taste in substance." -JJ, Tweeter's World

Our site was awarded the
"WSN Web Award"
by "World Sports News"

"I have reviewed your site and found it to be creative and full of content. Congratulations... you have won the 'The World Sports News Web Award'."

-Elie Khoury, General Manager,
World Sports News (WSN)

Our site was awarded the
"Golden Angel Award"
by "CyberArt Web Designs"
"Congratulations, you have won the 'Golden Angel' award for your web site." -Willow

Our site was awarded
"Syop's Award of Excellence"
by "Sandy's Web Graphics"

"We have visited your site, and found it to be very informative, with eye appeal, fast loading, easy to navigate and links in working order."

-Syop aka Sandy of "Sandy's Web Graphics"

Our site was awarded the
"Select Site Award"
by "GraphX Kingdom"
"Congratulations! You have won the 'Select Site Award' from the GraphX Kingdom."

-Andrew, GraphX Kingdom Webmaster

End of 1998 Kudos, Part 1

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