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This page shows the thirteenth part of the 1998 reviews. Click on one of the buttons, below, for other 1998 reviews or reviews from other years:

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1998 Reviews - Part 13

Our site is selected as the
"Most Informative/Useful
Fierce Site of the Week"

by Fierce Dot Com

"I am writing to inform you that we have awarded The Police Notebook with the Fierce award. Your site is the "Most Informative/
Useful Fierce Site"
this week.

Fierce.com is a review site aimed at the illumination of important and elite sites on the Web. Fierce is the gateway for many surfers who use the site as a their starting point to set them on their digital travels.

Thank you and congratulations. Most of all, thank you for developing such a useful and informative site."

-Tor Hyams, Editor
Fierce Dot Com

Webmaster's Note: Fierce Dot Com is one of the most interesting new "cyberzines" on the web and we're pleased to be honored by them!

Our site is
by Kathleen's Recipe Swap Homepage

"Your site has been linked off of one or more of our sites for about a year now, but as the internet gets bigger, and the kids start using it, we thought it might be a good idea to link your kids warning, and information pages off of our recipe site.

This site has between 200 and 500 hits per day, and we would be pleased to share your knowledge with the rest of the Internet community, the kids, and their parents, if you wouldn't mind."

-S. Pickell,
Kathleen's Recipe Swap Homepage

Our Kid Safety on the Internet pages are


"Your site is TERRIFIC!

I'm a producer for the National Hockey League's web sites nhl4kids.com and nhl.com. Would you mind if we linked to "The Police Notebook: Kid Safety on the Internet" from nhl4kids.com?"

-Lisa Anson,

Village Webby Award

Our site received the
"Village Webby Award"
from Cyberville Webworks

"Congratulations. Your website has been selected as a weekly winner of the Village Webby Award, sponsored by Cyberville Webworks.

...you impressed our Village Webby as the most deserving website visited during the week and you have been selected as our weekly award winner.

We strive to be a good neighbor and believe that Cyberville can be a friendly place where people gather on the basis of things they have in common beyond geography. The Village Webby award was created to highlight websites which do their unique part to make Cyberville a friendly, positive and interesting place to visit."

-Barry Harris,
Cyberville Webworks

Dazed Baby Award

Our site received the
"Dazed Baby Award"
from Ashley MacLennan

"Congratulations! I think your site is totally awesome, so I'm awarding you the coveted 'Dazed Baby Award'."

-Ashley MacLennan

911 Web Daily Showcase Featured Site

Our site was showcased as the
"911 Showcase
Site of the Nite"

on the 911 Fire Police Medical Web
and presented by LT's Home Page

Here's what they said about us
in the 911 Showcase Newsletter:

"The Police Notebook, actually the home page of the University of Oklahoma Police Department, is a very well done and all inclusive police department home page. The layout is functional and very attractive as well.

The page is packed full of information on all aspects of police public safety. Including a place where you can turn yourself in and confess to your legal wrong doings, all in jest but fun. Also a BAC Blood alcohol concentration calculator, a page for kids, information on Internet crime, etc.

The police note book approach is unique and very well done. This page is well worth a visit."

-LT David O. Lewis,
Janesville PD
Janesville, WI

This place is definitely a KEY SITE

Our site received the
"Key Site Award"
from the Fortress of Solitude

"...this award is only given to those sites that truly excel in design, content, and creativity ...After visiting your web site and checking everything out , I have decided you definitely meet the award criteria.

Your site was very easy to navigate, showed excellence in design, and was interesting to explore. Your original content also made the visit a worthwhile trip. I'll be back! "

-Tom Speer,
Fortress of Solitude

Best of the Planet Awards

Best of the Planet
Awards 1998

Our site has been chosen for the
"Best of the Planet
People's Choice Awards"

by 2ask

"I am pleased to inform you have been chosen for the Best of the Planet PEOPLE'S CHOICE Awards, 1998."

-John Brady,
@tlasNet Inc.
Best of the Planet Awards

Our Citizen's Self-Arrest Form was awarded
"The Funny Bone's Gold Medal Award"
by TheFunnyBone.com

"We here at The Funny Bone have been to your site, and thought it was the neatest thing since rubber vomit! (LOVE the citizen's self arrest thingy)"


Our site is featured as the
"Site of the Week"
by Cops Online

We're delighted to have been selected by Cops Online as their "Site of the Week" this week!

-OUPD Webmaster

End of 1998 Kudos, Part 13

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