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This page shows the 14th and most recent part of the 1998 reviews. Click on one of the buttons, below, for other 1998 reviews or reviews from other years:

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1998 Reviews - Part 14

Internet Tonight

Our Kid Safety on the Internet pages are
on September 4th & 5th on the Internet Tonight national cable television show.

"Congratulations! That's Right!

Your site is being featured on the cable television program "INTERNET TONIGHT" tonight - 10:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Pacific.

It repeats the next day at
11:00 AM Eastern/8:00 AM Pacific,
1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 PM Pacific,
5:00 PM Eastern/2:00 PM Pacific.

In case you are unfamiliar with Ziff Davis Television, we are a 24 hour a day cable television channel devoted to computers and the internet! We are on DirecTV channel 273...

Thanks again and we hope the exposure on our program brings you lots of additional traffic!


-The Staff of Internet Tonight"

What's Funny?


What's Funny on the Internet Today?
Our Citizen's Self-Arrest Form is
at What's Funny on the Internet Today!


I am the administrator of What's Funny on the Internet Today! You may have heard about our recent launch in the media or on the Net. We launched February 1/98.

Your site has been chosen for today's listings. Only five sites are listed that day. And it is sure to be a listing which is seen often as people will want to look at the initial listings often. We welcome you to visit the site and tell others about it.

Congratulations, and keep up the great work on the site."

-Luc Theriault
What's Funny on the Internet Today!

Mac's Picks

Our Citizen's Self-Arrest Form is
at Mac's Picks of the Week


This is to inform you that your site has been picked as one of "Mac's Picks of the Week" for one week, starting now...

Mac's Picks is a labour of love, a weekly web page dedicated to showing new and old users of the Internet sites I have found of interest. From Usenet, other "New Sites" sources, my own surfing of the net, and visitors suggestions, I find sites which I feel are interesting, informative, and just plain fun, and I publish links to them. I update this page on a weekly basis, each Wednesday morning New Zealand time (GMT + 12 Hours)...

Sites picked as one of my "Picks of the Week" are picked solely on their merit as being interesting, informative, useful, or just plain fun to the web community at large. The main criteria for those pages picked is that they must be able to be visited by all members of a household, regardless of age or sex. Though there is no obligation to do so, all links back to my little page are gratefully received.

Nice to see you on the web. May your fortunes increase and your days shine brightly.

Best regards"

-Mac McLellan

"Mac's Picks of the Week"

The Mining Company

Our Citizen's Self-Arrest Form is
on the Crime/Punishment pages at
The Mining Company

"I run the Crime site for Mining Co, and I wanted to let you know your article is featured on our Front Page this week (and will be archived thereafter)."

-Bill Bickel

Gold Bullet Award

Our site is awarded the
"Golden Bullet Award"
for Law Enforcement Web Site Excellence by the Hendersonville, TN Police Department

"The Hendersonville Police Department is proud to present you with their Law Enforcement Site of Excellence Award.

Our Awards are not given without forethought or at random. After due consideration, the four Web Masters who have donated their time to the Hendersonville Police Department to review awards, felt you were deserving of this award...

Congratulations !! And we hope you enjoy receiving this award as much as we enjoy giving it."

WOW- Website Of the Week

Internet Insider Radio

Our Internet Safety pages are selected as the
"Website of the Week"
for the week of June 6 by Internet Insider

"Congratulations. Your website has been selected as a 'Website of the Week' by the syndicated radio show, Internet Insider with David Radin.

Since we only select 52 websites a year out of the zillions of pages on the net, we think this puts you in pretty good company.

...Thanks for a great website. Keep up the great work."

-Andrea Goldberg,
Production Assistant
Internet Insider with David Radin
"Radio with Byte"

Our site is

by theThe Internet TOURBUS Newsletter

The Internet TOURBUS

Here's what they said about us in their review:

"The Police Notebook site is absolutely huge! What impressed me the most about OU's Police Notebook was its Internet Safety section… This section contains information about:
  • Ways to keep your kids safe online
  • Notes, advice, and warnings for parents to read with their about Internet DOs and DON'Ts
  • 147 safety tips for kids on a wide range of topics from handling emergencies to dealing with strangers to Internet safety.
  • Things to remember when meeting people and giving out personal information on the Internet.
  • Things to remember when shopping and transmitting financial information on the Internet.
  • How to identify and deal with both real and fake computer 'virus alerts'
This section also includes links to the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Alerts site and to a site that offers excerpts of a book titled 'Web Psychos, Stalkers, and Pranksters: How to Protect Yourself in Cyberspace.'

I'd also recommend you take a look at the Police Notebook's Master Index page… This index shows you all of the major documents that are available on the Police Notebook's Web site. Some of these documents are specific to the University of Oklahoma community (how to register your bike, etc.), but many of these documents are universal and deal with public safety issues such as:
  • Crime prevention
  • Personal safety
  • Kid safety
  • Fire safety
  • First aid and health
  • Drugs and alcohol
All in all, the University of Oklahoma Police Department's 'Police Notebook' Web site is one of the best law enforcement Web sites I have ever seen. With well over 500 web pages dealing with practically every aspect of law enforcement and public safety, the Police Notebook is a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves both online and off. "

-The Internet TOURBUS

Webmaster's Note: TOURBUS is a virtual tour of the best of the Internet, delivered by e-mail to over 80,000 people in 120 countries. We're very happy to be reviewed in this publication.

Majon Web Select

Our site is selected for the
by Majon's Cybermall

"Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select 'SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD' (As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.)


-The Web Select Team

Starting Point

Our site is selected as a
"Hot Site"
by Starting Point

"Congratulations! The Citizen's Self-Arrest Form has been voted by Starting Point users to be a "Hot Site".

Your site is scheduled to be featured on 05/9/98 as a Starting Point entertainment "Hot Site" (http://www.stpt.com). "

-Good Luck,

Frank Addante
Starting Point - Webmaster
Starting Point, L.L.C.

Microsoft's Internet Start Magazine

Our Kid Safety on the Internet pages are selected as a
"Best of the Internet"
site by Microsoft's
Internet Start Magazine

Webmaster's Note: Sometimes I find a kudo for our website through serendipity.

While browsing Microsoft's Internet Start Magazine in the "Home & Family - Family - Children and Adolescents" sub-section, I found our Kid Safety on the Internet pages listed among Microsoft's hand-picked "Best of the Internet" listings.

It's very FLATTERING to find Microsoft considers us as a "best of the Internet" resource!

Golden Donut Award

Our site is selected for the
"Golden Donut Award
for the best site on the Web"

by Rick's Donut Shop

"Congradulations! You have just won the Donut Award for a great site.

Hope you enjoy it and keep up the great work! "

-Rick Morrisey
"The Donutman"

Canned Heat

Our Citizen's Self-Arrest Form receives a
"Peer Review"
from Joe Ryan, Shelby Co. SO

"After having been on the internet since Dec 1996, I finally found the most outstanding page on the whole web.....Your arrest Page..."

-Joe Ryan
aka Canned Heat

Webmaster's Note: It's always gratifying to get peer reviews — particularly one as nice as Joe's.

Joe has been involved in law enforcement in Oklahoma (Blanchard PD Chief and Grady Co. SO Investigator) and Texas (Dallas PD and currently a Lieutenant in charge of Criminal Investigations at Shelby County SO) for well over 30 years.

Having a mere 23 years in law enforcement, myself, it's nice to hear from the "old timers"! (Just kidding! THANKS for the kudo, Joe!)

DL Dewey

Our site is selected for his
"Web Select Award"
by DL Dewey

"Mr. Dewey has reviewed your site. Mr. Dewey has awarded his Web Select Award and has listed you with your logo on his Web Select Sites page:

Entertaining Category page
at his main site at http://www.dldewey.com
in Mr. Dewey's Web Select Sites area.

Mr. Dewey's Food For Thought column is read by readers in over 45 countries worldwide, and over 125 newspapers in the U.S. He will be mentioning your site in one of his upcoming columns, and we will notify you of which column and date."

-Jeffry Nielsen
Publicist for
Author and Syndicated Columnist,
David Lawrence Dewey

Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators

Our Kid Safety on the Internet pages are
by Don Chisholm of Webrite Canada

"I just visited your Kid Safety on the Internet website, and I'm very impressed. Graphics, colours, layout, content - they're all great! You are a very talented website designer, and I voted for your site as a Starting Point Hot Site.

I'm the website designer for the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators' website..."

-Don Chisholm,
WebRite Canada
Website Development Services

Computer Currents Interactive

Our site is selected as the
"Too Cool School House Educational Site of the Week"
by Too Cool School House

"Richard, your site is my Too Cool Site for the week of April 12. Keep up the great work!"

-Grace Smith, Ph.D.
District Technology Curriculum Coordinator
Grosse Pointe Public Schools
Grosse Pointe, MI

Computer Currents Interactive

Our site is selected as the
"Link of the Week"
by Computer Currents Interactive

"Congratulations, Your site has been chosen by Computer Currents Interactive (CCI) as one of the Links of the Week for the week starting April 20, 1998. Computer Currents Interactive is the online version of the award-winning computer magazine Computer Currents, plus more.

Your site has been chosen based on its originality, content and quality. After your site is on Links of the Week it will be moved and have a permanent home on CCI's Web Reviews page, which is updated bi-weekly.

Thank you for contributing worthwhile content to the Internet."

-Mike McDonnell,
Online Manager

M. I. Foard,
Links of the Week Editor for Computer Currents

Webmaster's Note: We were selected as a CCI "Link of the Week" winner on January 1st, 1996, and we're very proud to be recognized by CCI again in 1998.

End of 1998 Kudos, Part 14

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