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This page shows the second part of the 1998 reviews. Click on one of the buttons, below, for other 1998 reviews or review from other years:

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1998 Reviews - Part 2

Our site was awarded the
"Pure Gold" Award
by The Real Estate Library

"The Real Estate Library would like to acknowledge you for a great Web site. The Library has visited your site at random and has found it to be worthy to receive our highest award, "PURE GOLD", for design, content, accessibility, and relevance to the Internet community."

-Michael Schaffer, The Real Estate Library

Our site was awarded the
"Excellence 98 in Web Design" Award
by Colonial Enterprises

"NICE JOB! I found your site to be easy to maneuver, good visual presentation, good theme and graphics, good organization, and just an overall winner! Congrats on a job WELL DONE! Have a blessed and prosperous New year!"

-Daviann Prescott, Business Manager
Colonial Enterprises

A peer review...
"Yours is the best site I have had the pleasure to see on the web. Keep up the good work. "

-Richard Brown, Network Administrator
Department of Public Safety
University of Louisville

Our site was selected as a
"Featured Site"
by PowerLinks Online

"Congratulations! Your site is now featured in PowerLinks Online! Only content-rich sites are selected to appear in this WWW index."

-Dan Fournier,Power Links

Our site awarded the
"#1 Web Site" Award
by Mweb Net Services

"Congratulations! Your web site has won our Award!"

-Dave Elliott, Contest Admin,
Mweb Net Services

Our site was named the
"Smokin! Site of The Week"
Mush Net in Chugiak, Alaska

"Your site, The Police Notebook Citizen's Self-Arrest Form, has won our 'Smokin! Site of the Week' Award."

-Yvonne, Mush Net
Webmaster's Note: Mush Net also features our Safety on the Internet submenu on their Internet Crime page, and our Citizen's Self-Arrest Form on their Fun Stuff page.

Our Citizen's Self-Arrest Form" was presented in a
"Featured Article"
in the ChipNET Readings email newsletter and on their website

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your Citizen's Self-Arrest Form web site is featured in the new issue of ChipNET Readings, issue #6."

John Peck, Editor-in-Chief
ChipNET Publications

Our site has received the
"Award of Excellence"
from Law Enforcement Links

Your site has been selected to receive the "Law Enforcement Links Award of Excellence.".

It demonstrates creativity, hard work, and a positive contribution to the advancement of Law Enforcement Web sites on the Internet. Best Regards, "

-Larry Wilson,
Law Enforcement Links

Our site was selected as a wetwired.com
"Approved Website"

"Your site has gone through some serious testing here at the webcenter and it has passed with honors."

-Daniel Lidén, wetwired.com

A peer review...
"Holy Moly! What a site!"

-Richard Garrison, Sergeant
Emory University Police Department

Our was awarded the
"Eagle Award of Excellence"

"Congratulations!. We are proud to award you our Award of Excellence. We truly enjoyed visiting your site."

-Margreth and Paul Strong,
Paul & Margreth's Law Enforcement & Medical Site

End of 1998 Kudos, Part 2

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