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This section contains many articles on specific crime prevention techniques and issues, as well as information on various crime prevention programs and seminars.

A wide variety of articles relating to personal safety issues ranging from self-defense tactics and tips to bike safety.

Articles regarding scams, scalliwags, and other Internet Safety issues, including things parents can do to make the Internet safer for their kids. Our "flagship" presentation, "IDENTITY THEFT: Has Some Clown Taken Over Your Good Name?" is featured in this section.

Our award-winning "Kid Safety on the Internet" presentation.

Everything you wanted to know about fire safety and fire prevention but were afraid to ask.

Articles about 1st-aid and health issues, tips, and training.

Articles about alcohol and drug abuse problems, prevention, and programs.

Important and emergency phone numbers for our campus and the Norman area. This page is primarily for local area web users, but does have some national hot-line numbers.

Detailed information on major active investigations involving our department and other area law enforcement agencies.

Ever want to arrest yourself? Try our infamous "Citizen's Self-Arrest Form". Reviewed by many of our peers and others as the funniest law enforcement page on the Internet. Satire.

All about OUPD. Who we are, what we do, and how to contact us. Includes a page of technical information about this web site.

A menu of "what's new" on this site and pages that are frequently updated.


A menu of over 35 Norman Campus area maps including visitor maps, parking mapes and more.

Links to other law enforcement and public safety web sites.

On-line forms for user questions, comments and feedback. (Everything from reporting hazards on campus -to- requesting a safety or crime prevention seminars for your group.)

Our "kudos" page: A list of awards and reviews received by this site.

A keyword and phrase search engine to help find articles of interest on this site.

A site index of the major articles on this site listing pages by topic.
Note: This index lists the major "starting points" on the site (100+ articles) but does not list all the secondary pages linked within individual articles (the whole site is approximately 500+ "html" pages.)

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