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OUPD provides several online services to provide information, contact, and crime reporting resources to the computer-using university community, including this website, E-Mail List Services for associated law enforcement agencies, and E-Mail ASK-A-COP services.

WWW Site
This World-Wide-Web Site is provided and maintained to allow Internet access to informational documents on public safety issues for OU students, faculty, and staff on and off campus, as well as within the larger Internet community.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this site,
you can contact the OUPD Webmaster, Richard Hamilton, by E-Mail at OUPD WEBMASTER

E-Mail List Services
OUPD operates several email "lists" on our Internet mail server. Among these are:

A restricted list for the members of the Oklahoma Campus Law Enforcement Association.

A restricted list for the Directors of the Big-12 university police agencies and their command designates.

If you have questions or are interested in joining one of the email forums, you can contact Richard Hamilton by E-Mail at OUPD WEBMASTER

OUPDINFO Events Server
Area law enforcement officers interested in working at OU special events (concerts, football games, basketball games, etc.) may download/view related informational documents found HERE, including a calendar of upcoming OT events, online signup/request forms, etc.

This is a restricted-access feature and a username/password is required. Area LEOs may contact the OUPD Lieutenants e-mail group to request access to this feature. Note: You can also find a "link" to this feature near the bottom of the Police Notebook's MAIN MENU.
Ask-A-Cop Service
You can also ask E-Mail questions regarding OUPD, OU Police, or general questions regarding law enforcement on campus by sending email to ASK-A-COP, our OUPD E-Mail "ASK-A-COP" service.

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