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Internet Safety

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Click HERE to view our new flagship Internet safety presentation on Identity Theft and Internet Fraud, or pick a specific topic from the extended table of contents, below...
  • Preventing Identity Theft, Part 3: Even MORE Scams!
          (Skimmers, and Scammers and Spam, Oh My!)
    (End of the "Identity Theft & Internet Fraud" presentation's table of contents .) End of the flagship presentation table of contents...

    For other OUPD "Safety on the Internet" MENU articles, click on one of the titles, below, to view a specific article...

    The CyberTipline!

    Tips & Tools for Parents: Keeping Kids Safe Online
    An excellent guide to Internet safety for parents from The Children's Partnership

    YOUR MONEY and the Internet
    Advice for adults about shopping and transmitting financial information on the internet.

    Is Your Child "Wired" Yet?
    A list of Internet safety resources for parents

    Notes, Advice, and Warnings for Parents and Kids
    Advice for parents to read through with their kids to promote family discussion about DOs and DON'Ts about the internet.

    KID SAFETY on the Internet
    A broad guide on all types of safety issues written FOR kids. (Parents can read through it with younger kids.) Over 57 short pages covering 27 topics with a graphic on every page and 147 safety tips for kids on a wide range of topics from handling emergencies to - dealing with strangers to - internet safety.

    The CyberTipline!Romance on the Internet
    Advice for adults about meeting people and giving out personal information on the internet.

    Inmates seeking online "cybermates"
    An article regarding prison inmates seeking partners on the Internet. (reprinted)

    Online Ordering: Risky Business?
    Shopping Safely Online

    How safe is it to shop online, really? This article may help. (reprinted)

    Know Your Online-Shopping Rights
    What are your legal rights when you're buying online? (reprinted)

    Computer Virus Hoaxes
    Information about identifying and dealing with both real and fake computer "virus alerts".

    E-Mail Chain Letters
    Informaion on dealing with e-mail "chain letters" and hoaxes.

    Dealing with SPAM
    Informaion on dealing with e-mail "SPAM"

    Border-Line SCAMS
    People across the border are out to get you!

    Mailbox Bandits
    Still MORE people out to get you!

    Related external Links:

    Internet Hoaxes & Chain Letters Pages
    CIAC's excellent HOAXBUSTERS page on "Internet Hoaxes" and Chain Letters. (external link)

    E-Mail Spamming Countermeasures
    CIAC's advice on fighting e-mail spammers. (external link)

    The Ultimate Prosperity Page
    A fake Internet "opportunity" scam page put up by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Inventive and excellent! (external link)

    FTC "E-Commerce & the Internet" Consumer Alerts
    A GREAT resource for a wide variety of current scams on and off the Internet. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is taking a huge step forward in providing quality on-line consumer safety information. Check this one out!!! (external link)

    FTC Consumer Protection Pages
    The home page of the FTC pages relating to all types of consumer protection. (external link)

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    or our Parents LINKS pages.

    Click HERE to jump to the Stay Safe Online website!Notes: Email about suspicious claims, pyramid schemes, or suspected fraud that you received via email should be directed to The Federal Trade Commission at: uce@ftc.gov

    Also, there is now a national toll-free "Cyber Tip Line" at 1-800-843-5678 where parents can report "suspicious" on-line activity and possible incidents of on-line child-pornography. The tip line is run by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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