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Internet Safety Resources for Parents

Do you have a child that's wandering into traffic on the "Information Superhighway" yet? How are your net surfing skills? Check out the links, below, for tips and information on the joys and the perils of parenting your kids on the internet.

The links are not organized in any particular order.

Internet Safety for Parents: A Resource List

Safe Surfing
Sample Rules, sites that encourage safe surfing and links to other great sites: BLOCKING/FILTERING SOFTWARE LINKS:

*These may no longer offer a product for home use.

Getting around the Internet.
Helpful links to finding information on the internet:
Educational Links and Fun Stuff
Links to Educational and fun sites: Parenting Sites
Some great sites on parenting:

We're proud here at OUPD to have been one of the pioneers in talking "online" about Internet safety issues. Back in early 1995, when we were first setting up this site, there were almost no articles on the Internet concerning "Internet Safety" and even less regarding kids and the Internet. In spring of '95 a search engine inquiry might have turned up two or three pages, such as Stephen R. Savitzky's excellent page.

Nowadays there is a wealth of online information concerning Internet pitfalls, including both information adults (romance, privacy, money scams, and other issues) and issues relating to teens and even younger children who are now accessing the Internet.

The first line of defense regarding Internet safety for "kids" is awareness by parents and other "educators".

We hope the list of resources, above, will help parents and other educators the basics of "safe surfing" on the Internet.


The list of links on this page was developed for a 1-24-98 Kiwanis Parenting Fair "mini-session" by Julie Cottin of Mistic Media and is used by permission.

The source document may contain more recent updates than this page.

Page layout and graphics by OUPD.

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