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We have several types of campus and area maps at this site including color 3D depictions and more conventional line maps, in a selection of sizes and levels of compression.

Most of our maps have interactive features (depending on your Internet browser) in various ways: Clicking on an area of a map will link you to a sectional map, and passing your mouse cursor over a building/facility will reveal the name/use on many of the color maps. See the notes at the beginning of each map page for the specific interactive features of that map.

As with the other pages of our site, we recommend your system be set to a color-depth of 65,000 colors or above, and the use of either Netscape or MS Internet Explorer (v3.0 or above of either browser) to access all the features of these maps.

Hi-Res maps are larger and will take longer to download. Low-Res maps will download faster but may not have the detail you want. Try out both and find which set you prefer.

This page is the main index of our map pages, indicating the size of each image. Click on the "links" provided below to jump to any individual map or mapset.

The two "start-point" maps, listed below, allow you to click on 5 different areas of the campus for a closer view. They also link to much larger versions of the overall map (both low and high resolutions) Here's a list of the maps they link:

The Start-Point Maps:

3D Start-Point Map (Low-Res, 33kb)
3D Start-Point Map (Hi-Res, 62kb)

(Sectional maps linked to these maps are less than 40kbfor the Low-Res version)

Clicking on an area of these "start-point" maps will link you to a close-up "sectional map" showing that area of the main campus...

The Sectional Maps:

As with the main campus "overall" maps, below, these "sectional" maps are interactive maps. Moving your mouse over buildings shown on these maps will reveal the building names, and clicking on a building will (as available) link to the web page associated with the college, department, or other use associated with that building.

The next two maps are also linked from the start-point maps, above...

The Overall Maps:

Main Campus Overall Map (Low-Res, 37kb)
Main Campus Overall Map (Hi-Res, 94kb)

Moving your mouse over buildings shown on these maps will reveal the building names, and clicking on a building will (as available) link to the web page associated with the college, department, or other use associated with that building.

The Building Lists:

We also have online lists of buildings that are shown on the 3D color map set. Click on the two links, below, to use the building list to find a campus facility:

Building List, alphabetically. by FACILITY NAME
Building List, in NUMERICAL ORDER, as shown on the maps

The "Routes to Campus" Map Set:
These are standard "2D line maps" that include route information on how to reach campus from Oklahoma City, Will Rogers World Airport, and Dallas.

Routes to Campus from OKC or Dallas
(Low-Res, 27kb)

Zoomed sections of the Routes map, showing:

Zoom sectional showing the I-35 area where most of the hotels and Sooner Fashion Mall are located.

and a zoomed Sectional showing the main campus area.

...and a Routes to Campus from OKC's Will Rogers World Airport map...

The maps in this mapset are color 2D maps showing the OU Parking Lots as well as a very detailed view of the entire Main Campus area and some of the South Campus.

If you need a closeup view of an area of the Main Campus or Housing Area, this map set is for you.

The link, below, will take you to an overview map from which you can jump to 14 large sectional maps of specific campus areas.

Parking Map Set Overview (40kb)

Other Maps

Here's a link to a map of the Jimmie Austin University of Oklahoma Golf Course on the South Campus.

Norman Area Map showing the location of
OUPD Headquarters (OU Police) on the South Campus.

Other maps to be added online, soon:

University Research Park Map (University Airport area)
South Campus Area Map

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