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Who needs Medic Alert?
Click HERE to jump to the international MedicAlert website. Persons with any medical problem or condition that cannot be easily seen or recognized need the protection of MedicAlert®. Heart conditions, diabetes, severe allergies and epilepsy are common problems. About one in every five persons has some special medical problem.

Why Medic Alert?
Tragic or even fatal mistakes can be made in emergency medical treatment unless the special problem of the person is known. A diabetic could be neglected and die because he/she was thought to be intoxicated. A shot of penicillin could end the life of one who is allergic to it. Persons dependent on medications must continue to receive them at all times. Furthermore, the MedicAlert® emblem can also help in identification.

When is Medic Alert important?
MedAlert EmblemWhenever you cannot speak for yourself— because of unconsciousness, shock, delirium, hysteria, loss of speech, etc.
—the MedicAlert emblem speaks for you.

MedAlert TagsHow does Medic Alert Work?
The MedicAlert® emblem - worn on the wrist or neck - is recognized the world over. On the back of the emblem is engraved the primary medical condition and the member identification number of the wearer, and the telephone number of MedicAlert's 24-Hour Emergency Response Center. Doctors, nurses, police, or anyone giving aid can immediately get vital personal and medical information — via collect telephone call (24 hours a day) to the Emergency Response Center.

What is Medic Alert?
MedicAlert Foundation International is one of the largest nonprofit membership organizations in the world. With operations in nine countries, MedicAlert provides 24-Hour Emergency Response Services and serves more than 4 million Members worldwide. As the world's leading emergency medical information service, MedicAlert Foundation International's mission since 1956 has been to protect and save lives. MedicAlert relays each member's key medical facts to emergency responders, so that they receive faster, safer treatment, and avoid harmful or fatal reactions. Initial enrollment is $35 for the first year and a $20 annual renewal thereafter. For more information, call: 888-904-7628 or visit MedicAlert at http://www.medicalert.org.

Dr. Marion CollinsWhere is Medic Alert?
Medic Alert Foundation International was founded in Turlock, California in 1956 by Marion C. Collins, M.D., after his daughter almost died from reaction to a sensitivity test for tetanus antitoxin.

The Foundation is endorsed by over 100 organizations including the American Academy of Family Physicians (and many more national and state medical organizations) the International Associations of Fire Chiefs, Police Chiefs, the National Sheriff's Association, and the National Association of Life Underwriters.

For further information, write to:

Medic Alert Foundation International

Turlock, CA 95382
Phone: (800) 432-5378

Medic Alert tag order forms are available at the OUPD headquarters, or online at http://www.medicalert.org

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