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Some of the 600+ HTML pages of material on our site are frequently updated because of changing event dates or other "time-sensitive" content. The frequently updated pages are listed below, as well as any "news" about our site.

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OUPD Daily Media Log (Updated daily, M-F, excluding holidays.)

OUPD "Year-To-Date Activity Summary" (Updated monthly.)

Active Investigations

Current Crime Prevention Activities Scheduled

Self Defense Classes

OUPD's Community Policing BEATS

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Our Hardening Your Home article provides many useful tips on protecting your home and its contents, whether you're a student in on-campus residential housing, a renter (houses, rooming houses, or apartments), or a home owner.

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Our Perilous Partners pages discuss venomous biting and stinging insects including the Brown Recluse (fiddleback) spider, bees, yellowjackets, scorpions and many more. This section of our site has pictures, descripions, advice, and important first-aid information regarding each species.

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