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Another venomous spider is the Black Widow, which is notable by their black color and a red spot or hourglass on a female's black abdomen. Males usually have light streaks on the abdomen.

The female gets its name from the fact that it eats the male after mating. Black Widow spiders are not agressive unless touched or pressed, and rarely leave their web, where they hang belly-upward. They are reclusive spiders.

They are commonly found in stacks of firewood, in low-use storage sheds, and other unbothered places.

Black Widow spiders have gained widespread notoriety, which may be primarily due to their wide range throughout the U.S. and very distinctive shape/markings, rather than for any aggressive behavior or particular potency of venom. Follow the General First Aid instructions on the Perilous Partners page for bites/stings.

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