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Mud-Daubers commonly build their mud nest in attics, porches, and carports and stockpile them with spiders.

These slender wasps are about the size of paper wasps, but are conspiciously different due to their thread-like waist connecting the abdomen to the rest of the body. The black and yellow mud dauber is comonly encountered, but the black and metallic blue-black species may be observed around dwellings.

These wasps are often seen around moist areas, such as near the edges of ponds, around water faucets, and near watered lawns, where they gather mud for their nest. Consequently, their frequent trips from their "mud hole" to their nest and back again makes them quite obvious.

Despite their conspicious flight path near our residences, they do not "attack" and sting humans. Occasionally, however, they build their nests in small cavities or holes in outside equipment, which may result in equipment failure.

Controlling Mud-daubers: Remove the nest and seal off access to the area or equipment enclosure that allowed entry by the mud-dauber. No insecticide is needed.

Note: Solitary wasps are generally not a stinging hazard and it's best to allow them to nest, undisturbed, since they prey on unwanted insects.

Follow the General First Aid instructions on the Perilous Partners page for bites/stings.

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