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Controlling Odors

Cleaning trashcans with an ammonia solution can discourage buildup of food odors attractive to wasps.

Treating trashcans with certain pesticide sprays can be effective, but such treatments may also kill honey bees that visit the trash can for sugary liquids. Depeding on where you live (such as near a beekeeper) killing beneficial honey bees can potentially invite a lawsuit by local beekeepers, and state laws protect honey bees from being poisoned.

Likewise, traps are discouraged, such as those available from garden centers (especially those that use sugar water as bait) since they also capture beneficial honey bees as well as other wasps and bees that normally don't bother humans.

If you're out to kill the offending wasps, rather than just discourage them (by removing their food source or its odors), find and attack the nest, not the foragers.

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