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The OU Police Department operates the Campus Crimestoppers program to enhance the quality of life on the Norman campus by supporting and complementing other efforts to prevent, reduce, and investigate crime.

OUPD has operated Campus Crimestoppers since 1991. The campus program is independent but cooperates with the local (Norman) program, other local programs, and the state Crime Stoppers organization to support and complement similar efforts state-wide.

Campus Crimestoppers provides a means by which persons can report information on criminal activity anonymously and earn a reward for that information with some conditions.

While other programs pay rewards only for information leading to the arrest or conviction of offenders, or recovery of stolen property or contraband related to felony crimes, Campus Crimestoppers pays rewards for information leading to the identification of perpetrators of misdemeanors, felonies, and violations of the OU Student Code; no arrest or conviction is necessary.

Payment of a reward is authorized upon confirmation that criminal prosecution or university disciplinary action is being pursued.

Information on crimes that have occured outside the university community can be reported. The information will be forwarded to the appropriate police agency in Oklahoma or elsewhere.

Informants using the Campus Crimestoppers HOTLINE (325-STOP) are identified by a unique number assigned at the time of the initial contact.

Reward payments are issued in the form of a check by the OU Foundation Inc. and are made payable to the Bank of Oklahoma. Arrangements have been made with the Norman branch of the Bank of Oklahoma to cash reward checks upon demand by anyone presenting them to authorized bank personnel.

Reward recipients are given the check and instructions in a completely anonymous manner. This system allows an individual to provide information and receive a reward without ever having to reveal his/her identity.

Duplicate rewards are not issued to secondary persons providing the same information, but rewards may be shared if the informants agree in advance.

OUPD has developed a procedure to receive, process, and employ or refer information provided by anonymous informants and pay rewards where appropriate. Rewards range from $25 to $1,000 depending on the severity of the offense.

Reward funds are maintained in an OU Foundation Inc. account established for this purpose and are used both to pay rewards and for program promotion (advertising, printed materials, signs, etc). Funds in this account currently come from private donors.

Arrangements have been made with the Cleveland County District Attorney's office to allow for repayment by convicted persons who were charged as a result of information provided to Campus Crimestoppers.

Changes to the OU Student Code to enable similar arrangements for offenders found guilty through the disciplinary system have been requested. If restitution is aggressively pursued, the fund should become largely self-sustaining. Additional funding sources are continually sought.

Donations or restitution must be made payable to

OU Foundation/Campus Crimestoppers

and may be delivered to the

OU Foundation Inc.
100 Timberdell Road
Norman, OK, 73019

or to

University of Oklahoma Police Department
2775 Monitor Ave.
Norman, OK, 73072-7857

Future funding of Campus Crimestoppers relies upon continued generous support from private individuals and restitution of funds expended by Campus Crimestoppers to obtain the information upon which their charge was based by persons found guilty.

Mandated restitution is not a fee or additional penalty; it is a nationally accepted practice by which perpetrators repay actual expenses to support this program so it can continue to operate without the use of public monies.

For further information regarding funding
or other program details, contact:

the OU Police Crime Prevention Unit
at 325-2864

To contact the
Campus Crimestoppers 24-Hour Hotline
with crime information:
Campus Crimestoppers

or email Campus Crimestoppers at:

All callers will remain anonymous.

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