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This page shows the 1995 reviews. Click on one of the buttons, below, for reviews from other years:

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1995 Reviews

Our Self-Arrest Form is selected as the
"Tres Bizzare Site"
by "Tres Bizzare, the stranger side of the web"
"Your page Self-Arrest Form is strange, strange enough to be considered tres bizarre. I have chosen your page to be the Friday, 21 December featured site on "Tres Bizarre, the stranger side of the web"."

-dave [dave.solko@uc.edu]

Our web site is voted into the
"WWW Hall of Fame"
by Program One Online Service
"Your site has been choosen to be entered into the BBS One Hall of Fame. The BBS One Hall of Fame is an attempt to bring WWW users a list of sites that are of high quality. There are many reasons why sites get admitted to the Hall of Fame, including: Content, Design, Ease of Use, Service Provided, and many more reasons, but more than not it is because all of the above."

-Jeremy Cowgar, Program One Online Service, Norton Ohio

Our "Kid Safety on the Internet" pages are reviewed as
by Point Communications Corporation
"...your site is very useful and a big help to the net."

-Chris Kitze, President
Point Communications Corporation

OUPD On-Line is selected as
Tabatha's "Groovin' Site of the Day"
by Tabatha Holtz, Web Queen of Canada
"...you were groovin' last week..."

-Tabatha Holtz, Web Queen
Medius Communications, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Our "Kid Safety on the Internet" pages are picked as the
WinMagWeb & NetGuide "HOT SPOT"
"You'll be the aug 5 hotspot! 8-)"

-Fred Langa, Editorial Director for CMP's Personal Computing Group:
Windows Magazine, HomePC, and NetGuide

Picked as the
Program One "Pick of the Week"
"Great Site, wonderful use of the Web! Thanks for caring about the children and keep up the good work."

-Jim Diefendorff, President, Program One OnLine Services

As mentioned on
UNIVPD-L -- National Campus Law Enforcement List Server
"The University of Okalahoma Police Department web pages are excellent, but the self arrest form is the funniest thing I have ever seen on the web, without a doubt!"

"...I keep going back to your Web pages and they are, without a doubt, the best law enforcement site on the Web."

-Lt. John H. Jordan, Dept. of Public Safety - SUNYAB - Amherst,NY
UNIVPD-L List Owner

Picked as the
WebPointer "Cool Site of the Week"
"...I didn't have to look too much to say that I like it. Nice job! I'll use it as my site for this week!"

-Charles McElhose, Jr., Editor & Creator of the WebPointer

July, 1995
Our site is
in Berit's Best Sites for Children at the Theodore Tugboard Online Activity Centre
"Our second review, back in 1995, Berit still lists our Kid Safety on the Internet pages (as of 1-28-98) as their top link for Kid Safety. They rated us 5/5. "

-OUPD Webmaster

...our first award...


Picked as the
Dynamite Site of the Nite
featured on Terra IncogNETa by Thayer Technologies, Inc.
(The Stick Websurfer Newsletter)
"We've picked your Web page because it has interesting content, great graphics, and unique features. Of all the Web sites we surf to, there is something about yours that makes it stand out from the rest."

-Rob Thayer, TTI

End of 1995 Kudos

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