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This page shows the 1997 reviews. Click on one of the buttons, below, for reviews from other years:

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1997 Reviews

A peer review...
"You and OUPD have created a great web site! Possibly the best public safety pages on the net. Keep up the great work and my compliments on your success."

-Johnny Cercopely, Sysop
NineEleven BBS

A peer review...
"I was following some links from a local radio news website and found your Police website. I have looked at a number of websites to get ideas and have to say yours is one of the best I have ever seen. I especially like the Self-Arrest form."

-Kevin Watson,
Automation Projects / Website Development
Santa Monica Police Department
Santa Monica, CA

November 1997
Our "Citzen's Self Arrest Form" is named a
Hot Spot
by the"Web Kahuna"
We are honored to be selected for November 1997 in PC Computing Magazine's Inter.net section as Hot Spot by the Web Kahuna. -OUPD Webmaster
Here's what they said about us:

Feeling guilty over a box of Junior Mints you swiped as a kid? The red light you ran yesterday? Then visit the OnLine Citizen's Self-Arrest Form."

-November 1997, Inter.net, Net Kahuna's Hot Spot, PC Computing Magazine

Our "Citzen's Self Arrest Form" was awarded the
by "The Nocturnal Society"
"Congratulations! Your site [Citizen's Self-Arrest Page] has been chosen by The Nocturnal Society as one of A select few that we consider worthy of our endorsement...We only link pages written with a high degree of originality, interesting social commentary, entertainment value or political insight. "

-Daniel McGraw, TNS President

Go to the "Connected With Gina Smith" show website
Go to the "Connected With Gina Smith" show website
Our "Citzen's Self Arrest Form" was featured on the
Go to the "Connected With Gina Smith" show website
show's second national broadcast by the ABC Radio Network and simulcast on the web. AND... was featured as their

Go to the "Connected With Gina Smith" show website

" Hi!, I produce a show for ABC radio called "Connected with Gina Smith" It's a computer/ consumer show on Saturday mornings from 10-1 EST. We would love to have you on the show this Saturday for five minutes to talk about your self arrest site -- It's great. "

-Liza Ferrari, Producer

Our "Kid Safety on the Internet" pages were
by The Mining Company in the "Mining Co. Guide to Parenting K-6 Kids"

"I am pleased to tell you that your site is being featured in the Web Parents series at Parenting of K-6 Children at The Mining Company.

The feature will run July 19-25 and will be permanently placed in the Previous Features archive.

...Thanks for a great resource for parents and children!"

-Kimberly Keith,
Parenting of K-6 Children

Our "Kids Safety on the Internet" pages are
by "Surfing The Net With Kids"
"We're featured in the Internet Safety Section of Barbara J. Feldman's Surfing the Net With Kids"

-OUPD Webmaster

Our "Citzen's Self Arrest Form" was selected as
by "Cool Site Of The Day"
" Obviously, we think your site is one of the best on the Internet and that you've demonstrated an understanding of what makes a site entertaining, useful and cool. That's a powerful skill."

-Richard Grimes, CSOTD

April '97
Our "Citzen's Self Arrest Form" was
on "Strange But True Web Sites"
"...the link was added shortly after the Strange But True page went online on April Fool's Day, 1997. I went back and visited your page again today. Looks like you've done some nice updates (new graphics, etc.) -- it's a fun place to visit. Keep up the good work. "

-Brett McCarron, Blame Productions Entertainment Megasite

Our site was awarded a
by "Netguide Live"
"Congratulations! Netguide has selected your site as a Gold Site -- one of the best on the Web. The Gold Award recognaizes Web sites that meet our stringent criteria for overall excellence."

-Netguide Live

(Note: This site received ALL Four-Star Ratings in the Netguide Review. -RMH)

Our "CITIZEN'S SELF-ARREST FORM" was selected as one of the
"100+ Wonders of the Web"
by "P&M's Late Night Links"
"Your URL is now listed in our 100+ Wonders of the Web section."

-P&M, P&M's Late Night Links

End of 1997 Kudos

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