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Given how hard it is to make a public safety and law enforcement information site "cool" or "hot" to browsing web-sters, we are VERY grateful to those who have taken time to review our site and help us get the message out.
Webmaster's Note: Due to time constraints I had to stop updating our individual "reviews" pages after 209 entries, on April 10th, 1998 (but those first 209 kudos/reviews are still available here!) We still enjoy and are grateful for all our reader feedback, but I just don't have time to properly document them all, individually, on these pages, like I was able to do in the "early" years!
      Best Regards,     Richard Hamilton, OUPD Webmaster, 1995-
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Featured Reviews

USA TODAY's Tech Section

Our online presentation,
Has Some Clown Taken Over
Your Good Name?"


on March 2nd, 2004 as
top "HOT SITE".

Also, graphics from our Identity Theft presentation were featured on the front page of USA TODAY's TECH section on that day in their WebGuide teaser/link.

  "...I've been having a jolly time poking around the site. I've covered ID theft for years now and don't recall ever seeing the subject presented so well! The sound files cracked me up; I'll certainly bet they get and keep folks' attention, and that's hugely important. You really can't encourage people strongly enough to read about this problem.

"Long story short, the site will be one of Tuesday's Hots...Looks like OU's way out in front on this education front -- and trust me, that's some big praise coming from a Husker!"

All the best --
Angela (Gunn)
tech editor & head Hot Sites wrangler


Internet Tonight

Our Kid Safety on the Internet pages are
on September 4th & 5th on the Internet Tonight national cable television show.

"Congratulations! That's Right!

Your site is being featured on the cable television program "INTERNET TONIGHT" tonight - 10:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Pacific.

It repeats the next day at
11:00 AM Eastern/8:00 AM Pacific,
1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 PM Pacific,
5:00 PM Eastern/2:00 PM Pacific.

In case you are unfamiliar with Ziff Davis Television, we are a 24 hour a day cable television channel devoted to computers and the internet! We are on DirecTV channel 273...

Thanks again and we hope the exposure on our program brings you lots of additional traffic!


-The Staff of Internet Tonight"

WOW- Website Of the Week

Internet Insider Radio

Our Internet Safety pages are selected as the
"WOW - Website Of the Week"
for the week of June 6 by Internet Insider

"Congratulations. Your website has been selected as a 'Website of the Week' by the syndicated radio show, Internet Insider with David Radin.

Since we only select 52 websites a year out of the zillions of pages on the net, we think this puts you in pretty good company.

...Thanks for a great website. Keep up the great work."

-Andrea Goldberg,
Production Assistant
Internet Insider with David Radin
"Radio with Byte"

Our site is

by theThe Internet TOURBUS Newsletter

The Internet TOURBUS

Here's what they said about us in their review:

"The Police Notebook site is absolutely huge! What impressed me the most about OU's Police Notebook was its Internet Safety section… This section contains information about:
  • Ways to keep your kids safe online
  • Notes, advice, and warnings for parents to read with their about Internet DOs and DON'Ts
  • 147 safety tips for kids on a wide range of topics from handling emergencies to dealing with strangers to Internet safety.
  • Things to remember when meeting people and giving out personal information on the Internet.
  • Things to remember when shopping and transmitting financial information on the Internet.
  • How to identify and deal with both real and fake computer 'virus alerts'
This section also includes links to the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Alerts site and to a site that offers excerpts of a book titled 'Web Psychos, Stalkers, and Pranksters: How to Protect Yourself in Cyberspace.'

I'd also recommend you take a look at the Police Notebook's Master Index page… This index shows you all of the major documents that are available on the Police Notebook's Web site. Some of these documents are specific to the University of Oklahoma community (how to register your bike, etc.), but many of these documents are universal and deal with public safety issues such as:
  • Crime prevention
  • Personal safety
  • Kid safety
  • Fire safety
  • First aid and health
  • Drugs and alcohol
All in all, the University of Oklahoma Police Department's 'Police Notebook' Web site is one of the best law enforcement Web sites I have ever seen. With well over 500 web pages dealing with practically every aspect of law enforcement and public safety, the Police Notebook is a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves both online and off. "

-The Internet TOURBUS

Webmaster's Note: TOURBUS is a virtual tour of the best of the Internet, delivered by e-mail to over 80,000 people in 120 countries. We're very happy to be reviewed in this publication.

Starting Point

Our site is selected as a
"Hot Site"
by Starting Point

"Congratulations! The Citizen's Self-Arrest Form has been voted by Starting Point users to be a "Hot Site".

Your site is scheduled to be featured on 05/9/98 as a Starting Point entertainment "Hot Site" (http://www.stpt.com). "

-Good Luck,

Frank Addante
Starting Point - Webmaster
Starting Point, L.L.C.

Microsoft's Internet Start Magazine

Our Kid Safety on the Internet pages are selected as a
"Best of the Internet"
site by Microsoft's
Internet Start Magazine

Webmaster's Note: Sometimes I find a kudo for our website through serendipity.

While browsing Microsoft's Internet Start Magazine in the "Home & Family - Family - Children and Adolescents" sub-section, I found our Kid Safety on the Internet pages listed among Microsoft's hand-picked "Best of the Internet" listings.

It's very FLATTERING to find Microsoft considers us as a "best of the Internet" resource!

Our site is selected as the
"Most Informative/Useful
Fierce Site of the Week"

by Fierce Dot Com

"I am writing to inform you that we have awarded The Police Notebook with the Fierce award. Your site is the "Most Informative/
Useful Fierce Site"
this week.

Fierce.com is a review site aimed at the illumination of important and elite sites on the Web. Fierce is the gateway for many surfers who use the site as a their starting point to set them on their digital travels.

Thank you and congratulations. Most of all, thank you for developing such a useful and informative site."

-Tor Hyams, Editor
Fierce Dot Com

Webmaster's Note: Fierce Dot Com is one of the most interesting new "cyberzines" on the web and we're pleased to be honored by them!

Our Kid Safety on the Internet pages are
by FamilyPC Magazine

Portions of our site are featured in FamilyPC Magazine's Parental Guidance and Kids' Safety Clearinghouse.

Our Internet Safey Sub-Menu was one of five Safe Surfing Tips pages recommended 'For Parents'.

'For Kids' only two pages were recommended: Our Kids Safety on the Interent pages and Stephen Savitzky's Notes, Advice, and Warnings for Kids Online (which we reprint with permission on our Internet Safety sub-menu.)

Note: Steve's Notes, Advice, and Warnings page and our Kid Safety on the Internet pages are two of the very oldest (1995) Internet safety features for kids. Nice to know they still are getting attention after several years!

-OUPD Webmaster

Best of the Planet Awards

Best of the Planet
Awards 1998

Our site has been chosen for the
"Best of the Planet
People's Choice Awards"

by 2ask

"I am pleased to inform you have been chosen for the Best of the Planet PEOPLE'S CHOICE Awards, 1998."

-John Brady,
@tlasNet Inc.
Best of the Planet Awards

Click HERE to jump to Greta's Place

Our site was
by Greta Garner-Hewitt

"THE POLICE NOTEBOOK WEBSITE is an excellent Law Enforcement Site! Contains a ton of very interesting information, yet entertaining! Especially the self-arrest form! Richard, thanks for all your hard work on behalf of "OUR OWN" men and women in blue!"

-Greta Garner-Hewitt,
The Cop Cookbook
This review is particularly special to us in Norman, OK. Not only is Greta the author of "The Cop Cookbook" — but is also the daughter of actor James Garner (with more than a few roots and relatives in Norman), AND the wife of a Detective Sergeant and SWAT team member for the Nashville Police Department, which also has one of the best law enforcement websites on the Internet. Also, 20% of the author's proceeds from sales of "The Cop Cookbook"will specifically benefit the widows and children of officers killed in the line of duty through the NATIONAL PEACE OFFICERS' MEMORIAL SERVICE FUND.   —OUPD Webmaster

Our site was named one of the
"Best Sites of 1998"

award by Platinum 100

 "Congratulations! Your Site has been officially named as one of the Best Sites of 1998 by the Judges of the Platinum 100. We review thousands of sites weekly and choose just a small handful for our award. Your site rated extremely high and is included in our 'Education' category as one of the 'Best of 98'.

The Platinum 100 has been awarding sites since 1995, and is considered one of the more prestigious award sites on the Net. We've received over 500,000 nominations in the last 3+ years and awarded only a few hundred. Your site is in good company.

Once again congratulations and keep up the Fine work you're doing at The Police Notebook."

-Kevin Struck,
Platinum 100

Note: You can click here to jump directly to the their review of our site. -OUPD Webmaster.

Our site was awarded the
"Fly With Eagles" Award
from HART Enterprises

"The Police Notebook was nominated for our award by Mitch Mendler. I just finished visiting your webpage - very nice job! It is evident you have/do spend a lot of time on your site. I would be honored if you would accept the citation below."

-Bruce Hart


Congratulations! Your webpage has been selected to receive the "FLY WITH EAGLES" award presented by HART Enterprises

This award was implemented because in 1984, as the result of an accident while serving as an officer on active duty with the US Army, I became a quadriplegic,paralyzed from the chest down. In a veterans hospital for 10 months, I was among many young men struggling to put a sense of worth back into their lives.

I always admired our national symbol, the bald eagle, for its strength, courage and beauty, and its ability to soar on the slightest of winds. It was what those of us in the hospital were trying to do - muster up the strength and courage to live our lives with the least amount of help. Now I am in a position financially, physically, and spiritually to recognize others for their efforts. Thus, the "Fly With Eagles" award was born.

We surf the net looking for worthy web pages. And, in some cases, web pages are recommended to us. Your respect for proper NET ETHICS and your ability to display your webpage in a LOGICAL, INFORMATIVE, and CREATIVE format places you among only a handful of webmasters that have received this award.

Bruce Hart
Life Member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America

(Our thanks to Mitch Mendler, San Diego Paramedics, for nominating us for this fine award. -OUPD Webmaster)

Our site was named online
"Site of the Day"
by HomePC Magazine


Here's what they say about us in their online article:

"An Arresting Site"

"To keep yourself safe, both online and off, I recommend visiting The Police Notebook. Although set up by the University of Oklahoma Police Department, the site offers advice on crime prevention, personal safety, Internet safety and the like for people all over the country. There are nearly 150 articles on its more than 600 Web pages. If you're feeling guilty about something you did, feel free to take immediate action using the fill-in-the-blanks Citizen's Self-Arrest page at the site."

-John Eckhouse,
West Coast Bureau Chief
HomePC Magazine

Our site was named as the
"COPS: Site of the Week"
by the official "COPS" TV show website
"We are very proud that our site, The Police Notebook, was selected as "Site of the Week" at the "COPS" website!"

-OUPD Webmaster

A peer review...
"I love your web site! ...your site is definately the best campus law enforcement site I have seen!"

-Dennis Shaw, Director,
Security and Police Services
University of Wisconsin-Stout

November 1997
Our "Citzen's Self Arrest Form" is named a
Hot Spot
by the"Web Kahuna"
We are honored to be selected for November 1997 in PC Computing Magazine's Inter.net section as Hot Spot by the Web Kahuna. -OUPD Webmaster
Here's what they said about us:

Feeling guilty over a box of Junior Mints you swiped as a kid? The red light you ran yesterday? Then visit the OnLine Citizen's Self-Arrest Form."

-November 1997, Inter.net, Net Kahuna's Hot Spot, PC Computing Magazine

Go to the "Connected With Gina Smith" show website
Go to the "Connected With Gina Smith" show website
Our "Citzen's Self Arrest Form" was featured on the
Go to the "Connected With Gina Smith" show website
show's second national broadcast by the ABC Radio Network and simulcast on the web. AND... was featured as their

Go to the "Connected With Gina Smith" show website

" Hi!, I produce a show for ABC radio called "Connected with Gina Smith" It's a computer/ consumer show on Saturday mornings from 10-1 EST. We would love to have you on the show this Saturday for five minutes to talk about your self arrest site -- It's great. "

-Liza Ferrari, Producer

Our "Citzen's Self Arrest Form" was selected as
by "Cool Site Of The Day"
" Obviously, we think your site is one of the best on the Internet and that you've demonstrated an understanding of what makes a site entertaining, useful and cool. That's a powerful skill."

-Richard Grimes, CSOTD

Our site was awarded a
by "Netguide Live"
"Congratulations! Netguide has selected your site as a Gold Site -- one of the best on the Web. The Gold Award recognaizes Web sites that meet our stringent criteria for overall excellence."

-Netguide Live

(Note: This site received ALL Four-Star Ratings in the Netguide Review. -RMH)

Our "KID SAFETY on the Internet" pages are selected as
"Link of the Week"
by "Computer Currents Interactive"
"Congratulatons, Kid Safety on the Internet has been chosen by Computer Currents Interactive as one of the Links of the Week for the week starting January 1, 1996."

-Mike McDonald, Online Manager
Computer Currents Magazine

Our "Kid Safety on the Internet" pages are reviewed as
by Point Communications Corporation
"...your site is very useful and a big help to the net."

-Chris Kitze, President
Point Communications Corporation


Our "Kid Safety on the Internet" pages are picked as the

WinMagWeb & NetGuide "HOT SPOT"
"You'll be the aug 5 hotspot! 8-)"

-Fred Langa, Editorial Director for CMP's Personal Computing Group:
Windows Magazine, HomePC, and NetGuide

End of Our "Featured" Kudos

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