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Norman Street Construction HOTLINE

Norman Street Construction Hotline - 366-5396
City staffed: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Automated Attendant: After hours and weekends

ONLINE: Temporary Street Closure Info

Established February 20th, 1995 and operated through thfe Norman City Manager's and Mayor's Offices, for over a decade the Street Construction Hotline has been available for citizens requesting information on street construction in Norman.

During business hours, a City staff person is available to answer questions. After hours and on weekends, an automated attendant will provide information on street closures and construction areas.

Hotline information includes: Detour routes, project descriptions, estimated completion dates, and telephone numbers for more information.

Also visit the City of Norman's up-to-date, online
Road Work and Temporary Street Closures
webpage at http://www.normanok.gov/content/traffic-projects.

Interesting Norman facts:

Norman's city limits encompass 196.5 square miles of land.

Norman is the 3rd largest city in Oklahoma with an estimated population of 102,195 residents. 1997 population: approximately 87,000 persons.

Approximately one-in-four Norman workers work for federal, state, or local government agencies located in Norman.

Norman was ranked as the sixth (6th) "Best Place to Live" in the United States by Money Magazine in 2008. Norman was recently recognized as one of the most progressive cities in the state and the Norman Public School system was acknowledged as the top school system in Oklahoma.

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