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The Women's Resource Center, Inc.
Since 1975, The Women's Resource Center has been helping women live better lives. Their primary work is to help the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault through the Norman Shelter for Battered Women, the 24-hour Crisis Lines and the Rape Response Team. Additionally, their short-term crisis counseling and ongoing group counseling helps survivors rebuild their lives.

The Norman Shelter for Battered Women
Since 1980, the Norman Shelter for Battered Women has provided safe, temporary housing for victims of domestic violence and their children. Residents receive individual and group counseling, as well as information on housing, job training, legal aid and financial assistance available to them. They also benefit from the understanding and support of the staff and the other residents.

Crisis Lines:
  • (405)-701-5540 — Domestic Violence
  • (405)-701-5660 — Sexual Assault
Callers receive confidential crisis intervention, referrals and information about domestic violence and sexual assault, at any hour of the day or night.

Rape Response Team
The Rape Response Team is a group of trained volunteers who are available on request to accompany rape victims to the hospital emergency room. They provide information to victims and their families about counseling and other services. If requested, they can accompany the victim to court, and provide support and information during legal proceedings.

Short-Term Counseling
Victims of sexual assault and domestic violence have special therapeutic needs. The counselors at WRC have the experience and training to meet these needs. Fees are set according to the client's financial status.

Professional Consultations
Because of the special nature of their work, WRC's staff members are frequently called upon to share information and give advice to professionals in education, law enforcement and counseling, as well as to community groups.

WRC has an extensive lending library of books, films, videos and other material for individuals doing research or groups planning an educational presentation.

The WRC also provides general information to the local media.

The WRC's bimonthly newsletter offers information about WRC events and services, as well as features and stories about women and women's issues around the world. Classes and events are planned according to public interests.

Crimes against women can be prevented. People need information about these crimes and guidelines for preventing them. WRC staff members regularly speak to school, church and community groups about domestic violence, rape, date rape and child sexual abuse. They also help schools design comprehensive prevention programs.

Since 1985, WRC has sponsored public awareness seminars on the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in communities all over Oklahoma. Recent research has shown that a majority of adult sex offenders were sexually abused as children. For this reasons, WRC wants to focus public attention on this problem as a way to protect both the children of today and the adults and children of tomorrow.

Phone Referrals — 364-9424
Callers to WRC ask questions on a wide range of topics including: child care, individual marital and family counseling, support groups, sexual harassment and other job-related problems, housing, education and vocational training, legal and medical matters. WRC makes every effort to help callers define their needs, and to refer them to the agency or organization best able to help.
Contact Information:

Women's Resource Center Inc.
P O Box 5089
Norman, OK 73070
e-mail: wrc@wrcweb.net
  • WRC Office— (405) 364-9424
  • Domestic Violence Office— (405)-701-5497
  • Sexual Assault Office— (405)-701-5550
  • FAX— (405)-364-4888
WRC is a


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