Visiting Speakers Professor Terry Horgan, University of Arizona

Prof. Terry Horgan, University of Arizona

Friday, Mar. 14, 2008, 4:00 p.m., 607 Dale Hall Tower. Everyone is welcome!

Transglobal Evidentialism-Reliabilism, co-authored with David Henderson and Matjaž Potrč

Abstract. We propose an approach to epistemic justification that incorporates elements of both reliabilism and evidentialism, while also transforming these elements in significant ways. After briefly describing and motivating the nonstandard version of reliabilism that Henderson and Horgan call “transglobal” reliabilism, we harness some of Henderson and Horgan’s conceptual machinery to provide a non-reliabilist account of propositional justification (i.e., evidential support). We then invoke this account, together with the notion of a transglobally reliable belief-forming process, to give an account of doxastic justification.

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