lindsay craig

Lindsay Craig Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Cincinnati
Research areas: Philosophy and History of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Applied Ethics

612 Dale Hall Tower
(405) 325-4376
office hours

My primary research focus is scientific change in evolutionary biology and the relatively new field of evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo). Currently, I am working on a detailed critique of recent, high-profile accounts of ongoing change in evolutionary biology. I plan to write a book on change in evolutionary biology during the 20th and 21st centuries. My research interests also include scientific explanation, scientific controversy, and various issues related to research ethics, such as the kinds and pervasiveness of conflicts of interest.

Courses (recent or upcoming):

3613 Philosophy of Biology (fall 2010)
1013 Introduction to Philosophy (fall 2010)
4523 Epistemology (spring 2011)
Philosophy of Science (at University of Cincinnati)
Introduction to Environmental Studies (at University of Cincinnati)
Ethics of Scientific Research (at University of Cincinnati)


Click here for full CV (.pdf)

"The So-Called Extended Synthesis and Population Genetics" (in press) Biological Theory 5 (2010). (draft .pdf)

"Defending Evo-Devo: A Response to Hoekstra and Coyne" Philosophy of Science 76 (2010), 335-344. (draft .pdf)

"Introduction: Evolutionary Biology" with Robert A. Skipper, Jr. Philosophy Across the Life Sciences, ed., Robert A. Skipper Jr., with Collin Allen, Rachel Ankeny, Carl Craver, Lindley Darden, Gregory Mikkelson, and Robert C. Richardson (MIT Press, under contract)

Work in progress:

"Scientific Change and Reconciliation in Evolutionary Biology" (under review)

"Coyne vs. Wade on Wright's Shifting Balance Theory: Localizing Influence in Scientific Controversy" with Frank Cartieri, Vanessa Gorely, Clement Loo, and Robert Skipper