The Mary Elizabeth Wade Scholarship

Named in honor of a Philosophy major in the class of 2001, the Mary Elizabeth Wade Scholarship is intended to help support a student majoring in either Philosophy or Ethics and Religion during his or her senior year. The amount of the scholarship is normally $800 ($400 per semester).

To be eligible for the Wade Scholarship, a student must be a full-time, regularly enrolled major in Philosophy or Ethics and Religion. Preference will be given to students who have an emphasis in logic. For students who will graduate mid-year, the scholarship will cover the year during which they take the Philosophy Department Capstone course. Nominations for the Scholarship will be made during the Spring term before the candidate's senior year.

Nominations are submitted from all Philosophy Department faculty members, and from graduate students who are either teaching courses or serving as teaching assistants. Eligible students may also nominate themselves. Students who nominate themselves may submit any additional materials they wish -- for example, papers written for Philosophy classes or letters of recommendation from faculty members.

The recipient of the Wade Scholarship will be selected by the Undergraduate Studies Committee and approved by the whole faculty of the Philosophy Department. The recipient will be chosen on the basis of academic achievement, measured by grade point average, assessments by departmental faculty, and other relevant information.

Nominations are typically due in March of the academic year preceeding the candidate's senior year. For the nomination form, click here.