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Ethics and Religion

The Department of Philosophy is one of the top departments in the US in the philosophy of religion. We offer a major in Ethics and Religion to students who wish to focus their studies in these areas.

In 1927, Kingfisher College of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, discontinued its instructional programs. In 1951, the trustees of the College and the regents of the University jointly established the Kingfisher College Chair of the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics in the University of Oklahoma Department of Philosophy.

The Kingfisher Chair is held by Prof. Linda Zagzebski, one of the foremost scholars of philosophy of religion in the US. Several other members of the department specialize in ethics, the philosophy of religion and related disciplines, and many graduate students come to the University of Oklahoma specifically to pursue their studies in these areas. Undergraduate students with special interests in ethics and the philosophy of religion will find a vibrant community with many opportunities for coursework and informal discussion.