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OU POLL Employment Opportunties

If you speak clear, concise English and have a pleasant, casual and professional phone demeanor, then OU POLL would be a perfect place for you to hone your survey research skills.  OU POLL offers flexible, part-time positions that are currently working during evening hours.  As the laboratory expands and grows to meet further contractual needs the hours of operation will expand. 

Telephone Interviewers are NOT telemarketers.  They conduct questionnaires over the phone on behalf of OU POLL’s clients, and are never asked to sell anything. 

Students can apply for this position in person at the NEL building on the University of Oklahoma’s campus across from the Union on Asp, or online at the OU website at

If you have difficulty accessing OU’s Online Jobs, or have further questions about being a telephone interviewer for OU POLL, please contact Amy Goodin at (405) 325-POLL (7655).  OU POLL needs workers year-round.

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