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OU POLL's Current and Recently Completed Projects

Tobacco Helpline Surveys

The University of Oklahoma College of Public Health has an ongoing contract with the OU POLL to conduct surveys of people who have called the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.  These surveys are conducted in three waves: 4, 7, and 13 months after the initial call to the helpline.  Those who received assistance to quit using tobacco products are asked if they have successfully quit, stayed quit, and their opinions of the assistance given by the Helpline.

Oklahoma Department of Commerce

OU POLL has an ongoing contract with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to conduct labor force surveys in all areas of the state.  These studies are focused on the characteristics of the labor force and are focused on a specific area of the state.  These areas include:

Additional information and reports from these studies can be found on the Oklahoma Department of Commerce website's Data and Research Page.

Other surveys conducted for the Department of Commerce:

Recent University of Oklahoma Surveys

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