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Weekly Meetings

Robotics club meets weekly in the robotics bench lab, located in the basement of the Rawl Engineering Practice Facility (REPF).

For the Fall 2018 semester, we are meeting every Thursday (excluding breaks and dead week) from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Our members have split up into small teams and are making sumo robots for a small competition at the end of the semester.

Anyone is welcome to stop by and learn more.


The Robotics Club is for people who want to make robots. Unlike Sooner Competitive Robotics (SCR), robotics club does not participate in intercollegiate competitions. Instead, we focus more on learning how make robots. We teach you how to program microcontrollers, use laser cutters and 3d printers, use CAD software, and more. All majors and experience leves are welcome.

Members are broken up into small teams, which each make their own robot for a small competition within the club. In the past, we have had sumo contests, and we are always open to suggestions.


In most cases, we use the Arduino microcontroller as the "brain" of the robot. The programming is very similar to Java or C. You can view their documentation and download their IDE on their website.

Tom Love Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub, located on OU's research campus, has a lot of free tools we use, but to use their equipment, you need to take a certification quiz for each resource you want to use. The quizzes and tutorials can be found on the I-Hub's YouTube page. We mostly use their laster cutters and 3D printers.

I-Hub youtube

Free Autodesk Software

Autodesk makes a lot of useful software, and with your OU email, you can get a free 4 year student liscence for many of their products. We recommend using their CAD software, Fustion 360. Additionally, nearly all of OU's computers already have many Autodesk programs on them.

Autodesk Education

Free Stuff

Thingiverse - A website where people upload models they've made for 3D printing. You can find a mount for just about anything here.

FreeCAD - A free, open source CAD program. It is an alternative to Fusion 360 that doesn't require an account.


Instructables - Full of user made tutorials for anything. There is a section for specifically robots. A great place to get ideas or learn how to make something!

Adafruit - Features many useful tutorials on electronics (especially Arduino and Raspberry Pi) and robotics. They also sell a lot of parts.

w3schools - Great HTML/CSS reference website, also features tutorials and references on PHP, JQuery, Javascript,and SQL.

Codeacademy - Features interactive beginner-level programming tutorials on Javascript, PHP, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Ruby, and Python.

Exercism - Good website for learning and practicing programming in various languages and receiving feedback from other coders with varying levels of experience.

HackerRank - Great website where you can improve your programming skills through a variety of challenges and competitions.

Where to Buy Parts

Pololu - Small vendor catering to amateur robotics with competitive prices.

Mouser - Has one of the largest, cheapest, and most varied inventories of electrial components in the world.

Sparkfun - Dedicated to robotic and electronic hobbyists. Contains many great tutorials as well as a selection of breakout boards, sensors, and miscellaneous electronics.

Jameco - Electronics hobbyist website with a good selection of electronics supplies and hardware.

Tayda Electronics - Overseas company with a U.S. warehouse and very competitive prices on individual circuit components.

Robotshop - One of the most well know dealers of robotics kits, parts, and supplies.

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