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OU Video and Media Services staff behind camers in the field and filming in the production facility

Outreach Film and Video Services

“We have the crew, the equipment, and the skills to do any broadcasting that you need–whether it’s streaming, satellite, commercials, or documentaries.”

- Ray Leyva, Director of VMS

Video and Media Services logo

Video and Media Services provides a full service studio and HD field productions. In addition, digital editing, audio recording and mastering, transcription, closed captioning, satellite services, webinars, live streaming, and electronic media are available through this unit.

VMS is a unit within University of Oklahoma Outreach. Located in the Thurman J. White Forum building located on the south end of the OU campus in Norman, VMS serves private and public sector clients throughout the United States. Our state-of-the-art satellite uplink and web-streaming solutions make it possible for you to reach an audience anywhere in the world from anyplace on the OU campus. VMS hosts webinars for your business or classroom setting to reach a wide variety of locations all over the world simultaneously.

What we offer:

  • Video production for departmental promotions and archival of lectures, seminars and meetings
  • Transcription and captioning of video and audio to meet ADA requirements
  • Live streaming and webinars from anywhere on campus
  • DVD authoring and duplication
  • Field shooting and cinematography
  • Video and audio editing, 3D and motion graphics
  • Satellite broadcasting and HD downlinks
  • Transfering VHS to DVD video

About the Services We Offer:

OU Video and Media Services

The first step in creating any video production is refining your message for an audience. With decades of experience, our energetic staff is ready and able to help you create a clear, concise and creative project that will inform and inspire, bringing your vision to life on screen.

We offer innovative communication techniques with a unique collaborative approach to assist you with concept and script development. Our creative team and technical staff will help bring your original ideas to life.

OU Video and Media Services LIVE

VMS offers remote studio productions for live broadcast feeds from any location on campus, as well as the ability to create a remote live production anywhere requested off campus.


  • SDI video and both AES and analog audio
  • Sony digital studio cameras shoots both 4:3 and 16:9 formats
  • Dual Channel FX Deko Character Generator
  • Two ME Digital Switcher
  • Dolly, jib, multiple sets

Transmitting from Anywhere to Anywhere in the World

  • Digital Ku Satellite using L-Band technology, transmitting 270 Mbps SDI Video and AES audio
  • High Definition compatible
  • VYVX fiber
Camera in-studio production

Whether your project calls for a multi-camera in-studio production or on-location field shoot, we have the expertise and resources to produce high quality, cutting-edge award winning productions. 

Our photography will incorporate visually stunning images to sell your ideas. We have all the latest equipment to make your vision a reality, including Steadycam, dolly, camera jibs, full 1080p HD recording and a full range of lighting and sound gear. Our team is responsible for some of the most original creative in the nation.

VMS studio camera equipment

VMS has two spacious editing suites featuring Final Cut Pro 7 and FCPX. Both editing suites are capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of broadcast formats. These state-of-the-art rooms can operate independently or concurrently on your projects. 

  • Award winning staff
  • Video and audio editing
  • Advanced motion graphics
  • Blu-ray / DVD authoring
  • Closed captioning and subtitling
  • 3D graphics
  • Video transcoding for Web
  • Flash animations
VMS satellite on OU campus

Whether it's live, on-demand, Web, television or DVD ...

VMS's expert team can provide captioning and subtitling services for live productions, post-productions and archival projects to meet the ADA requirements for both television and web broadcasts. Our capacity extends even to events occurring in remote locations, such as speeches or award ceremonies.

Since 2011, the federal government has mandated that all video productions, current and archived, must meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility requirements before being broadcast on television, radio or the Internet. This includes web pages, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

VMS can help you become compliant! Our capabilities meet the ADA requirements for captioning purposes and we can output into any format you need.

VMS also offers DVD authoring and duplication services to give you the greatest flexibility in serving your customers.

VMS satellite on OU campus

Price: $10.00 per hour

VMS is offering a special reduced price on VHS to DVD conversions. We will transfer any VHS home movies or videos to a longer lasting DVD, with ensured quality.

  • Transfer personal home movies/videos from VHS to DVD
  • Professional printed label on DVD
  • Timely and efficient turnaround
  • Friendly customer service

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Created in 1991, VMS, along with Outreach's Center for Public Management, created a state of the art live broadcast satellite training system utilized by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

It was this kind of pioneering technology that has set VMS apart from other competitors, striving to provide our customers with exceptional services, all while incorporating the latest technologies to meet future demands.

Invest Ed®

Invest Ed® is an investor education program offered by OU Outreach and funded by the Oklahoma Securities Commission. Through a variety of educational campaigns designed for all ages, Invest Ed® enables Oklahomans to increase their investment knowledge and anti-fraud awareness. Video and media services we provide are: 

  • Anti-fraud documentary series profiling some of Oklahoma’s most recent securities fraud cases
  • The Investment Minute 60-second presentations airing statewide on commercial and public radio and television stations
  • Radio and television public service announcements 
  • Summer teacher institutes and advanced training workshops

"The True True Grit" Documentary

A great example of what the VMS team is capable of is the recently released documentary, “The True True Grit, which was a collaborative effort with the Pioneer Library System and The Big Read. The documentary, which premiered at the Warren Theater, detailed the true story of the novel and movie True Grit, as well as detailing the fictional characters from their real life counterparts.

Current Conversations

Current Conversations is a television show hosted by Robert Con Davis-Undiano and produced by Video and Media Services in OU Outreach. Each episode covers a new, topical event going on in our world. This one-on-one lively forum features people who are making a difference in the world—scientists, educators, humanists, writers, and artists. The goal is to focus on people who function as “bridge builders,” or people in the culture who are making important connections between areas of knowledge.

Contact Us

VMS can make all of your production needs as easy as a phone call. If you have an idea for a video, we can make it happen on time and, most importantly, on budget.


Outreach Video and Media Services

VMS satellite on OU campus

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