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Business and Public Services

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Business and Public Services

Center for Public Management

James Vincent DeBerry, MBA, Director

The Center for Public Management (CPM) works on more than 300 projects each year for state and federal government agencies. CPM has provided these agencies with the ability to incorporate video production, interactive videoconferencing, and Web-based training to their repertoires, while expanding their conferencing and classroom training capabilities.


Laurie Smith, CGMP, Program Coordinator

ConferencePROS aids international, national, regional, and local agencies and organizations in designing, developing, and conducting both small and large conferences that meet the specific needs of their direct clientele. They provide the infrastructure, support, and general expertise needed to successfully market and conduct conferences, small groups, and focused exhibits and trade shows.

Corporate Online Education Programs

Bill Boni, MA, Director

Outreach partners with World Education to offer career-focused, online courses designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions in many in-demand occupations.

Public Service Institute

John Steffens, PhD, Executive Director

The Public Service Institute (PSI) guides leaders in effectively managing change while still providing an unchanging bedrock of service to their clients. Chief among the initiatives of PSI is the Infopoverty Institute, which is committed to the application of sustainable development programming.

Team Quest (Executive Training)

Carrie Reilly, MHR, Program Director


Team Quest equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective. Their unique approach addresses the needs of adult learners through training experiences that incorporate action learning exercises, self-assessments, focused discussions, and engaging classroom instruction.

Video and Media Services

Ray Leyva, Director

Serving private and public sector clients throughout the United States, Outreach Video and Media Services provides a full service studio and HD field productions. In addition, digital editing, audio recording and mastering, transcription, closed captioning, satellite services, webinars, live streaming, and electronic media are available through this unit.