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Engineering and Geosciences

OU Outreach works closely with industry experts, professional engineering groups, and government agencies to offer expertise on a wide range of engineering and geosciences topics.

The Engineering and Geosciences Programs in OU Outreach is committed to the career-long education of engineers in all aspects of technical research and development. By working closely with industry experts, professional engineering groups, and government agencies, its programs extend the university's expertise to a wide range of clients.

Engineering and Geosciences Programs hosts many conferences, seminars, workshops, and courses, in all aspects of technical research and development to engineers including:

compressor pumps with guages
gas conditioning pumps
compressor guage

Blowout Prevention School

The Blowout Prevention School offers complete, practical, up-to-date blowout prevention courses for both land and subsea applications. Course materials feature the latest methods for increasing operational efficiency, reliability, and safety as well as new technology.

Corrosion Control Course

Corrosion control personnel meet to receive fundamental training on current methods, instrumentation, and corrosion assessment and control.

Gas Compressor Short Course

While working in a lab setting, instructors will demonstrate current diagnostic methods and repair techniques on equipment. Each participant will have the opportunity to apply and practice the newly learned skills during the course.

Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference

Since 1951, this conference has gained a worldwide reputation as the principal forum for new ideas, developments, and operations for the preparation and purification of natural gasses and other fuels for market. It is a crucial conference for all professionals involved in the gas processing, gas conditioning, and gas sweetening industries.