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Family Resources


Download the OU Bound app and view a full list of what your student should be completing as s/he prepares to enter OU. Download the app for free here. Since non-students don't have an OU Net ID, you will click "continue as a guest" to view the timeline/to-do list, find out about featured events, and access frequently asked questions. 

Encourage your student to download the app and sign in with their OU Net ID and password to check off completed items. The OU Net ID is assigned upon admission to the University of Oklahoma. Students can set up their OU accounts at

Some important required items that your student may need your assistance with completing, include:

If you can't download the OU Bound App, you can find a good checklist for incoming students here

Most information concerning a student's academic record is considered confidential and is not released to anyone without the student's written authorization. The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records, one of which is the right to provide written consent before the University discloses personally identifiable information other than "directory information" from the student's education record. Click here to find out more and how to get access to your student's information.

  • FERPA Consent Form [PDF]
    Includes access to: Transcript, Student and Academic Conduct Records, Campus Police, Housing, Student Employment, Financial Aid, and Bursar Information.
    Student completes this PDF.)

  • Parental Access to Student Academic Records [PDF]
    (Includes access to: Transcript, GPA, Copy of Grades, Good Student Discount, Request to additional information.
    Parent completes this PDF.)

Getting Access to Pay the Bursar

Bursar Services is a centralized billing and collection point for student accounts. Students can add authorized users to their account. Student permission is required to access a student’s account. Please see the Authorization Instructions below to guide your student through the one time setup process. Once you are an authorized user, you may log into Bill Pay with your email and password to pay outstanding balances.

  1. Have your student log into One with their OU Net ID and password and complete the following. Students receive their OU Net ID upon admission to the University and can set up their OU accounts at Please note students should not share their password with anyone. 
  2. Click the "Pay Bill" link
  3. Click the "Authorized Users" tab
  4. Click "Add Authorized User"
  5. Enter the email address for the individual that you want to add as an authorized user.
  6. Check the "I agree" box


Students may pay their tuition over the course of the semester through the tuition payment plan which splits the cost of attendance into four relatively equal payments due on the 25th of each month of the semester (Fall: August, September, October, and November, Spring: January, February, March, and April). Please note that students who have a balance at the time their enrollment window opens for the following semester may have an enrollment hold on their account and not be able to enroll in classe until the balance has been paid. This can negatively impact the class selection and schedule availability for some students. Thus, it is important to talk with your student about when their enrollment window opens and with the Bursar staff to develop a plan to avoid an enrollment hold due to Bursar balance.

Flat Rate Tuition

Any student taking 12-21 hours pays a flat rate for tuition based off of the standard 15 hour course load. Why 15 hours? Students should take at least 15 hours per semester to stay on track for graduation. Some degree plans require more hours total for completion and thus students are required to take more hours each semester. Students should balance their co-curricular activities, study-time, work schedule, etc... to allow for successful completion of 15 hours per semester as this is the standard undergraduate work load. For more information about Flat Rate Tuition, visit

Banked Hours

Students who pays the flat rate tuition, but attempt fewer than 30 hours for the fall and semester will bank hours which may be used to cover tuition and general fees to be used toward summer courses taken at OU. For details on banked hours, click here.

Guaranteed Tuition Rate Program

Oklahoma Residents are eligible to apply to take part in the Guaranteed Tuition Rate Program. Find out more about this program and to apply, click here.

OU Gift Cards

Did you know OU offers gift cards? Gift cards are redeemable against a student's OU Bursar account and can be applied to any charge to the student's Bursar account. OU gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion and make it easy for family members or friends to contribute to the investment of a student's education and future. 

Consider a $250 gift card to cover the cost of your student attending Camp Crimson! Find out more here.


Students living in housing will need to purchase a parking permit to park on campus. Commuter students can purchase a commuter pass or park at the Lloyd Noble Center and take the shuttle. Students can go to to learn more and purchase your pass. Parking passes purchased online may be picked up when you move-in to the Residence Halls from the Parking Office, located at 1107 Elm Ave, Norman, OK (in walking distance from the Residenc Halls). For more information about parking passes, riding the CART, having a bike on campus, parking maps, and so much more, click here.  


Our official book vendor on Campus is the University Bookstore located on the first floor of The Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Texts may come in rental, used, new, and sometimes digital options. Once your student enrolls, they will be automatically connected to the Bookstore webpage where they can find required and recommended texts for their classes. As part of OU's digital initiative, many professors have free digital textbooks and other digital course content. Also, the library has copies of many of the textbooks required for General Education Courses, that students can review at the library. For more information on books, click here

Student ID Card

The Sooner Card is OU’s identification card for students. With a Sooner Card students can access buildings, use their meal-plan, check-out books, load Sooner Sense and more. Sooner Sense is the debit account that all students can use for financial transactions across campus. Sooner Sense is convenient and easy to use. For more information, click here.

Athletic Tickets

OU is home to one of the most storied athletics programs in the nation and our students are a part of that. OU students can attend most sporting events for free but and will need to purchase tickets for Football and Men’s Basketball games. You can purchase tickets and get information on the event schedule at Football tickets go on sale to new students beginning Aug. 17th! The 2016 OU Student Ticket Policy can be found here.  

Having a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completed is important as many merit based scholarships require that a student have a FAFSA on file. Students can complete a FAFSA at and will need guardian financial information in order to complete the application. 

Students will be notified of their financial awards via OU email, so it is important that your student check their OU email regularly. Students may set-up their OU email account at Students will be able to review financial awards at

Compare financial awards and the estimated cost of attendance. Estimated cost of attendance is a general average of the cost of attending OU and may be more or less than a student's actual cost. After comparing financial awards and the estimated cost of attendance, students who find their awards do not cover their cost of attendance should work with campus Financial Aid staff to determine a plan to pay for college. This may include a payment plan or seeking additional resources to pay for college costs. Students may make appointments with their specific Financial Aid Advisor by calling (405) 325-4521. Financial Education Services is also a great resource for students. More information on their services, can be found at

Financial Education Services (fED) is a division of Financial Aid Services that provides financial education opportunities to OU students. 

The fED is committed to cultivating financial awareness within the OU student community by offering free personal one-on-one counseling sessions, campus based workshops, and financial literacy resources. Students may also take a 2 hour credit course about money and college, UCOL 1022: 9 Things About Money and College. Find out more about Financial Education Services, including making an appointment with a Financial Education Counselor, here

About Us

The Graduation Office provides services to help your student be successful and graduate a Sooner! We also have the honor of celebrating your student's success and graduation by planning Commencement and graduation weekend activities. 

Your student will find a host of resources at

Graduation Planner

Each class has a Graduation Planner to assist students in navigating the University and graduating a Sooner! This Graduation Planner has a wealth of information that is useful to families of new students as well, including:

  • Academic Calendar for the first year
  • Important information to help ease the transition from high school to college
  • Checklists for enrollment and each year of the OU experience
  • A list of majors and tips for choosing a major
  • Information about financial support and paying for college
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Campus Directory
  • Information to help students create academic success
  • Information on campus traditions
  • and so much more!

Compass Network

Students receive one-on-one success coaching for various topics through the OU Compass Network. Some of the most popular topics include: academic planning, study skill development, time management, recovering from poor academic performance, and overcoming personal challenges to success. Coaches work with students to address these issues through various methods, including referral to other offices on campus. 

If you think your student could benefit from an outreach from the OU Compass Network, you can refer your student by contacting the OU Compass Network at (405) 325-8103 or via email at For more information, visit the OU Compass Network website.

Compass Survey

First-year students take the Compass Survey during the first few weeks of each semester of their first year. Students who complete the OU Compass Survey will receive a personalized assessment of their transition to college, complete with recommended actions, resources, and contact information in order to get the most out of their first year on campus. In addition, all survey respondents will receive a FREE OU Class of 2020 hat and be entered to win GREAT PRIZES! Find out more here

Housing Assignments and Move-In

Housing assignments are expected to go out to students in late June via OU email. Students can set-up their OU email account at Assignments will be accompanied by information on the move-in details including the specific check-in time that students should arrive at Lloyd Noble Center. OU's move-in process is efficent and easy. You don't even need to leave your car! Students and families will check-in at Lloyd Noble Center during the designated time using the student's ID. Then Students and families will be directed through controlled traffic to the residence halls on campus. Once at the residence halls, your belongings will be moved into your room for you. All you then have to do is get your key and start unpacking!

You should communicate with your roommate prior to moving-in to discuss who is bringing some essential items (fridge, microwave, etc...). Students will find information about your roommate, including their OU email account in order to contact them, in the housing assignment email sent in late June. For more information on Move-In, click here

Be sure to follow @OU_2020 and @OU_HRL on Twitter for tips on preparing for move-in!


Amenities on campus include expanded basic cable, wifi, movable furniture, 24-hour quite monitored study areas, computer labs, post office, laundry facilities, tutoring center, and so much more!

Students and families may want to tour the Residence Halls when on campus for New Sooner Enrollment Program as it is a great way to see a space similar to where you'll be living! Just drop by the Main Housing Office on the first floor of Walker Tower from 8 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday. 

You will find a wealth of information on the Housing and Food website,, about the Residence Halls amenities, including: 

  • Information about complimentary washers and dryers with text notifications
  • Information about fee-based full laundry service
  • Room layouts and measurements
  • Micro-fridge rental information
  • and so much more!

Eating on Campus

Housing and Food Services has more than 20 different restaurants across campus including the all-you-care-to-eat concept, Couch restaurants. Your student's mealplan is applied to their OU Student ID card, Sooner Card, and exists of meals, meal exchanges and points. Meals are swiped at couch restaurants and do not roll over to the next week. Meal exchanges can be used at other campus restaurants during different times of the day. Points can be used to make purchases on campus at any time. One point is equal to $1 and these last for the entire semester. Students may make changes to their meal plan during the 3rd and 4th weeks of classes if they find that it doesn't work well with their daily routine. For a full list of campus dining and information on meeting special dietary needs, click here

Housing Safety

The safety of your student is one of Housing and Food’s biggest priorities! Students living in the Residence Halls, live in fully staffed buildings with live-in staff members, residential floors are locked 24 hours a day, emergency speaker boxes are in every room and will alert students to fire or weather emergencies, and above ground tornado shelters are currently in construction and will open in Spring 2017! Find more information here

Student Development and Leadership Opportunities

OU's Residence Hall experience includes opportunities for your student to develop as individuals and leaders. Each living community includes Residence Advisors (peer students who will help guide your student while at OU). Residents can get involved with their Housing Center Student Association, Intramural Sports, participate in Residence Life programming, work in Housing and Food Services, and even explore becoming an RA through the RA Class offered each fall and spring and required to apply to be a Resident Advisor. Also, each building has a Faculty in Residence (FIR) family living in the building. This program offers a way for students to get more connected with faculty at OU.


New admits will apply for scholarships for their first year through the admissions application process. For each year after, students will apply for general scholarships through CASH, the Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub, via starting in early fall (usually October) and closing in early spring (usually February).

Work Assistance Tuition Waiver

Students who work 25+ hours may apply for the Work Assistance Tuition Waiver. The intent of this tuition waiver is to assist students financially in order to allow students to work less hours and focus more time on academics. Find out more here

Sooner Parents keeps you connected and enhances the OU student experience! It also gives you an outlet to be involved with other parents in support of the OU Community. You can learn more information about the benefits of joining Sooner Parents by visiting   

  • Is your student distressed? Has s/he expressed thoughts of hurting her/himself or other people? Is s/he unable to stop crying or possibly not eating or sleeping (not due to illness)?
  • Is your student a victim of sexual assault? Discrimination, bias or harassment?
  • There are resources to report, help and support your student.

Discover Resources

Student Organizations

There are over 400 student organizations, multicultural student experiences, the Gender and Equality Center, the Center for Leadership and Development, and various involvement opportunities across campus that provide co-curricular opportunities. These out of the classroom experiences help students enhance their academic experiences, develop skills for leading and serving in a diverse community that will serve them well beyond their college experience. Students who are involved in campus organizations are more likely to graduate and feel a greater sense of connection to the University. There are many opportunities for students to get involved and Org Sync is a system that allows students to explore those opportunities. Students may sign into (page 68 of the Class of 2020 Graduation Planner) to explore all of the organizations on campus. You and your student can explore this site together and talk about areas where they could get involved and grow outside of the classroom. Encourage your student to attend the SOW Chill Involvement fair and find out more about getting involved at OU. With over 400 opportunities, there is something for everyone!    

Camp Crimson

Camp Crimson is an important step in your student's transition to college. Camp Crimson is not just a Summer Orientation program. While your student will learn a lot about the layout of campus, academic expectations, involvement, and tips to be successful at OU during this exciting three-day experience; the most valuable aspects of attending Camp Crimson are the relationships that are formed. Students who attend Camp Crimson leave camp with a support network already in place. They will be connected with staff members, small group leaders who are upper-class students that continue to mentor your student throughout their first year and often beyond, and their classmates. Students who attend Camp Crimson start their first week of classes with a friend group already in place and connections to faculty and staff that will be important in navigating this transition.

Students who attend Camp Crimson report an increased feeling of preparedness for the transition from high school to college and have a higher retention rate. You won’t want your student to miss out on this opportunity! There are scholarships for students who need financial assistance to attend Camp Crimson! Sessions take place from mid-June through July. Find out more at!

Sooner Orientation Weekend (SOW)

Sooner Orientation Weekend or SOW takes place Thursday – Sunday, Aug. 18-21. You will want to plan to attend OU Move-In, Family Orientation, Convocation, and the BBQ and Ice Cream Social on Thursday, Aug. 18th. College Orientations, Find your Class Tours, Norman Tours, Camp Crimson Reunions, SOW Chill Involvement Fair, and other exciting programs take place during SOW which culminates with the Class of 2020 Picture and Picnic at The Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium on Sunday evening. For more information and a full schedule posted later this summer, visit

Fraternity and Sorority Student Life

More than 5,000 current students have chosen to take advantage of the many benefits of fraternity and sorority life here at the University of Oklahoma. These benefits include academic assistance, leadership development, close friendships and community involvement. Each of our 58 active chapters is a member of one of our five Greek councils and each offers unique opportunities for personal growth and meaningful experiences to 25% of the University of Oklahoma student population. Panhellenic Recruitment registration runs June 1- Aug. 1 (registration costs increase after July 15). Recruitment is Aug. 10-16. IFC recruitment registration runs May 16-Aug. 17 and recruitment is Aug. 19-23. Recruitment processes for the IGC, MGC, and NPHC will be available soon on the Student Life website A showcase will take place during SOW. 

Leadership & Volunteerism

Leadership and volunteerism are important aspects of the OU experience. We pride ourselves in creating leaders with a commitment to serving their communities. The Center for Leadership and Volunteerism offers opportunities for students to develop and improve leadership skills through various programs including small group book studies and a conference-style Leadership Summit in early spring each year. Students should use Org Sync to search for the many volunteer opportunities offered on campus and throughout the community. Students can find one-time or regular volunteer experiences based on their interests. Over 5000 students participate each year in OU’s Big Event, the University’s official day of community service. Find more information here.

Health Services

OU Health Services and the University Counseling Center, located off of Elm street, are a great resource for our students! OU Health Services is open Monday through Friday 8-6pm. Appointments may be scheduled in advance or a walk-in option for urgent care conditions is also available. In addition to medical and counseling appointments with Board Certified physicians and counselors, OU Health Services also offers a lab, nutrition services, physical therapy, immunizations, and a Pharmacy. Many of these services are offered at a discount to our students. For more information, visit the OU Health Services website, here

Fitness and Recreation

Fitness and Recreation provides diverse programs, services, and educational opportunities to enhance the lifelong health and wellness of the University Community. The Huston Huffman Fitness Center (HHFC) features: eight basketball/volleyball/badminton courts, five racquetball courts, a squash court, 1/6th mile indoor track, two large multi-purpose activity rooms, two weight room areas, a large cardio room with mounted flat-screen TVs, a climbing wall, a personal training room, and a massage therapy room.  Membership, packaged in a student’s fees, includes use of the facilities including the Murray Case Sells Swim Complex (MCSSC), FIT classes, a locker, and towel use at the HHFC. For more information, visit the Fitness and Recreation website, here


SafeRide provides safe, free taxi transportation for OU students. The service runs 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday when classes are in session. Students will need a voucher to use SafeRide. Vouchers are available for pick up from noon to 7 pm, Wednesday through Friday (during summer) and Monday through Friday (during the fall and spring semesters) in the University of Oklahoma Student Government Association (SGA) offices located in the Conoco Wing of the Oklahoma Memorial Union (OMU), located off the OMU courtyard, room 181. For more information, click here

Campus Alerts

The University of Oklahoma uses the OU Alert system to alert students in case of an emergency on campus such as a tornado, fire, snow and ice and other campus related issues. Please note that in certain developing emergency situations the University will deliver updates through text messaging, social media, and the OU home page ( While the University automatically uploads students’ OU email and their mobile number that is on file, it is important for them to check that their mobile number has been entered correctly, as well as update it if they change mobile numbers. This is to ensure that they receive any OU Alert sent via text messaging. Students can check their information at under the Emergency Alert Information tab. There is a place in the Emergency Alert Information tab for students to enter a second mobile number for their emergency contact (parent or other individual). If the student enters that second mobile number, that person will receive any OU Alerts sent by text messaging.