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No Quarters? No Worries with Self-Service Pay Stations!

OU Parking Services now offers self-service pay stations for short-term parking options in lots, garages and on-street spaces throughout campus. Pay stations are perfect for visitors, vendors and even students, faculty and staff who need to park on campus for only a short time.   

Rates are $1.50 per hour, and most pay station areas have a two-hour time limit. The pay stations accept coins, credit cards and pay-by-phone via mobile app.

Pay stations are located in the Asp Avenue Parking Facility, Elm Avenue Parking Facility, Boyd Street visitor lot, Walker Tower, Sarkeys Fitness Center, Murray Case Sells Swim Complex and on Asp Avenue in front of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.

How to Use a Pay Station

Pay station users may park in designated parking areas that have signs indicating to use a pay station to park.

1. Once parked, go to the nearest pay station and enter your license plate number.  

2. Pay using coin or credit card – if using coin, put in the change that equals desired amount of time on campus; if using credit card, enter the card and remove and then use +/- buttons to select time.

3. That’s it. You’re done. And since you have entered your license plate you do not need to print a receipt or put a receipt on your dash.

How to Use Whoosh! Mobile App (Pay-by-Phone)

OU Parking Services now features the Whoosh! mobile payment app to pay at pay stations. Download for either iPhone or Android and register for an account using a credit card and your license plate number.  

Again, pay station users may park in designated parking areas that have signs indicating to use a pay station to park.

1. Once parked, open the app and choose the vehicle you’re driving. 

2. Choose the zone (specific area) in which you wish to park – this is on a map, so be sure to select the correct lot, garage or area.

3. Select the amount of time you wish to park. Whoosh! will send a message 15 minutes prior to the expiration of your paid parking. You may select to add more time or return to your vehicle on time.

Don’t be late! Download OU Innovate!

Take the guesswork out of parking on campus with Smarter Parking in OU Innovate. This new OU app gives you accurate, real-time parking availability so you can go directly to an open space.

OU Innovate is available for both iPhone and Android. Click here for OU Innovate for iPhone. Click here for OU Innovate for Android.

OU Innovate
Red is full; yellow is filling; and green means plenty of parking.
OU Innovate 2
Click on each lot to see spaces available.

How to use Smarter Parking in OU Innovate

Smarter Parking in OU Innovate features each lot conveniently located on one map. A quick glance at the map shows available parking.

Click on each lot to see the exact number of spaces available. Pro tip: If one lot is showing only a few spaces available, and another lot is showing plenty of available spaces then it is likely a better choice to go to the lot with the more parking.

*OU Parking Services does NOT want you using the app while you are driving. Look at available parking in the app before you leave for class or stop and look once you are near campus.


Where can I park?

A. Commuter students can park in commuter and multipurpose lots, which include Jenkins-Brooks (C4), Monnett-Brooks (C8), University-Boyd (C1) and Duck Pond (MP4). Additionally, all faculty/staff lots except OCCE and Couch are available to commuter students at 4 pm. Faculty/staff may park in faculty/staff and multipurpose lots.

Why aren’t the Elm and Asp garages included in the app?

A. The app features surface lots with definitive entry and exit points currently. The parking garages require a different kind of technology that is very sophisticated to implement. We are exploring options for both garages and on-street parking and will add those areas as we can.

What do I do if all the lots are full?

A. If all lots are full, the Lloyd Noble Center shuttle is always a quick, convenient option to get to campus. OU Innovate features LNC at the very bottom of the map, and if you click on it then it will show you how long it takes to get to class on the shuttle.

OU adds free electric vehicle charging for parking permit-holders


The University of Oklahoma now has charging for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to plug in and power up. As part of our commitment to supporting sustainable programs, we’re proud to partner with ChargePoint, the world’s largest online network of independently owned and operated EV charging stations.

How to charge:

• Locations: Jenkins Avenue Parking Facility, 1332 Jenkins Ave., first floor near southwest corner; Three Partners Place, 201 David L. Boren Blvd., north parking lot, southeast wall.

• Parking: Charging station parking is reserved for electric vehicles only in three-hour increments.

• Charging: There is no cost to OU faculty, staff and students with a valid OU Norman campus parking permit. This charging station is only for OU faculty, staff, students and others affiliated with OU who carry a valid parking permit.

Start charging:

• If you already are a ChargePoint member, you should go online to submit the university’s code, OKLAHOMAEV, or apply for membership at or on the mobile app for iPhone or Android. Your ChargePoint card should arrive in five to seven business days.

• When the university is open for business, activation of card use at the OU station should take 24 hours or less.

• Once you have approval, hold your ChargePoint card over the station’s reader symbol.

• After the station authorizes you, remove the charging station’s connector by pressing down on the button at the top of the handle while pulling the connector from the holster.

• Plug the connector into your electric vehicle. The station will display a message indicating the vehicle is charging.