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Estimated Time & Payroll Schedules

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Estimated Time & 2020 Payroll Schedule

Estimated Time

As you may remember from previous years each winter the Norman campus estimates one biweekly payroll at the end of the calendar year prior to the Winter Break due to shortened payroll processing time in December.

For 2019 we have automated the ‘amendment’ process to assist our departments that utilize Time Clocks and Web Clocks in Workforce to ensure time is recorded effectively and efficiently during the week of estimated time.

Please review the attachment below for a detailed explanation of the Estimated Time process for Time Clock and Web Clock users for the 2019 advanced payroll.

In addition, here are a few top things to remember as we move into the advanced payroll cycle:

  1. Review the Payroll Schedule: deadlines have changed including the dates and times the payroll extracts will be open for review and the dates timesheets must be submitted and approved.
  1. Review the Estimated Time Instructions: please review the attached document to gain a full understanding of how the configuration will proceed, contact payroll with any questions.
  1. Proactively review/balance employee time based on their FTE: Benefits eligible biweekly employees will have ‘Estimated Time’ defaulted onto their timesheets for the week ending 12/20/2019 based on their FTE appointment. Any employee that is NOT benefits eligible will not have estimated time defaulted onto their timesheet. Prior to the payroll advancement at midnight on Tuesday 12/17/2019 – employee time for the pay period will need to be reviewed and balanced by each department to ensure that employees are not overpaid.
  1. Inform your area: make sure that your area is aware of the process change and what is needed to ensure accurate time reporting to avoid under/over payment for the week of estimated time on the pay period ending 12/20/2019. 

2020 Payroll Schedules

Schedules for the 2020 calendar year have been updated!

For basic employee paycheck dates please visit the Paycheck Calendar page. 

For detailed payroll processing calendar dates please visit the Payroll Calendar & Processing Deadines page. 

In addition, below is a 2020 calendar with combined payroll and ePAF dealines.