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Chapter History

The Alpha of Oklahoma Chapter was established on May 24, 1920. An article in The Daily Transcript of Norman, Oklahoma on May 20, 1920, described what was to take place:


Public of Norman is Cordially Invited to Attend Installation Ceremonies, Is Announced

Installation of a new chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, to be known as the Alpha of Oklahoma, will take place at the university, Monday, May 24. It will consist of the following exercises:

At 4 o'clock all the old and new members will meet in the office of the president of the university, where the installation of the chapter and the initiation of the new members, both undergraduates and alumni, will take place and be conducted by Dr. Frances W. Shepardson, of Springfield, Ill., vice-president of the United chapters of the Phi Beta Kappa of America.

These ceremonies will last between one and two hours and will be followed by a banquet at the banquet room of the Teepee house, and a program of speeches. Then at 8 p.m. the chapter will march in a body to the university auditorium, where a formal presentation of the charter will be made by Dr. Shepardson; a response given on behalf of the charter by one of its faculty members; and public announcement will be made of names of all the members who have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa; and then will follow the Phi Beta Kappa address of the evening by Doctor Shepardson.

Doctor Shepardson was formerly dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Chicago. He is now director of the bureau of Registration and Education for the state of Illinois. He is a writer of note and a speaker of ability.

The people of Norman, as well as students and faculty of the university are cordially invited to attend the evening exercises at the auditorium.

Charter Members

Theodore Hampton Brewer, Alpha of Tennessee (Vanderbilt University) 
Stratton Duluth Brooks, Alpha of Michigan (University of Michigan) 
Lucien Quitman Campbell, Alpha of Louisiana (Tulane University) 
John Begg Cheadle, Alpha of Kansas (University of Kansas) 
Edmund Pendleton Randolph Duval, Alpha of Texas (University of Texas) 
William Henry Emig, Beta of Missouri (Washington University) 
James Huston Felgar, Alpha of Kansas (University of Kansas) 
Harold Harvey Herbert, Gamma of Illinois (University of Illinois) 
Roy Temple House, Iota of Ohio (Miami University) 
Victor Henry Kulp, Beta of Illinois (University of Chicago) 
Henry Higgins Lane, Alpha of Indiana (DePauw University) 
Julien Charles Monnet, Alpha of Iowa (State University of Iowa) 
Lawrence Nelson Morgan, Alpha of North Carolina (University of North Carolina) 
Daniel Webster Ohern, Alpha of Maryland (Johns Hopkins University) 
Joseph Francis Paxton, Alpha of Missouri, (University of Missouri) 
Angelo Cyrus Scott, Alpha of Kansas (University of Kansas) 
Edward Kitchell Witcher, Gamma of Illinois (University of Illinois)