Political Communication Center: A Catalog and Guide to the Archival Collections, 1996

Image File: Paulus to Stevenson

These images were created from photographs produced by videoprinter directly from the archival materials. The photographs were scanned and processed using an image file editor.

This spot was used by Norma Paulus in her 1986 campaign for Governor of Oregon.

Political Communication Center. Norma Paulus Collection.

Charles Percy used this spot in his 1972 U.S. Senate campaign in Illinois.

Political Communication Center. Charles H. Percy Collection.

This frame comes from a 1986 Senate campaign ad for Dan Quayle.

Political Communication Center. Dan Quayle Collection.

Ann Richards used this spot in her 1990 gubernatorial campaign against Jim Mattox in Texas.

Political Communication Center. Ann Richards Collection.

This frame comes from one of Nelson Rockefeller's gubernatorial campaign.

Political Communication Center. Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection.

This shot of Lenore Romney was used in a spot during the 1970 Michigan gubernatorial election.

Political Communication Center. Lenore Romney Collection.

This scene is part of a longer animated film produced by unions in support of Franklin Roosevelt's 1944 presidential campaign.

Political Communication Center. Franklin D. Roosevelt Collection.

This portrait of Pat Schroeder was used in her 1972 campaign commercials.

Political Communication Center. Pat Schoreder Collection.

This commercial was used by Olympia Snowe in her 1986 congressional campaign in Maine.

Political Communication Center. Olympia Snowe Collection.

This 1952 commercial for Adlai Stevenson was not an official spot sponsored by his campaign.

Political Communication Center. Adlai E. Stevenson Collection.

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