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Welcome to the "Police Notebook"

The website of the University of Oklahoma Police Department.

Online in early 1995, the OU Police Department's website was one of the first twenty police agency websites in the United States and, for many years, the nation's largest police website based on the volume of online safety and security information we provided. Twenty years later, we continue working to provide quality crime prevention and personal safety and security presentations for our community. 

Pharmaceutical Take Back Box

Did you know the OU Police Department has a pharmaceutical take back box in the north/dispatch lobby?  Bring any of your out-of-date, unused medications to the OU Police Department and drop them in the take back box.  The box is provided by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.  Any drugs dropped in the box will be collected and destroyed by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.  Please do not deposit syringes, liquids, chemicals, or inhalers in the box, thank you.

Also, April 27, 2019 is National Take Back Day.  Do your part in preventing overdosing and addictions by bringing your unused medications to the take back box.

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Conduct your on-line business transactions at OUPD

The University of Oklahoma Police Department has been designated as a "Safe Deal Zone".

If you conduct a business transaction on ebay, Craig's List, Facebook, or many other on-line selling or buying websites, you can arrange to meet at the OU Police Department as a location for a safe transaction.  The visitor parking lot on the west side of the building or the dispatch lobby can be used for your transactions.

The University of Oklahoma Police Department is a location that you can use to conduct your business transactions in a safe and controlled environment.  We can provide officers for observation and/or VIN and serial number checks to be sure the items are not stolen. 

For more information, visit

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