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Energy Symposium

Preparing for the Future of Energy – Thriving in Complex and Uncertain Times

March 30, 2017
8:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
Devon Energy Center, Oklahoma City

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Dear Participants,

As the program co-chair, I personally welcome each of you to the fifth annual University of Oklahoma Energy Symposium, organized by the Energy Institute at the Price College of Business. The Institute was established to create a community of academics and practitioners to advance innovative and sustainable business solutions for the critical energy challenges facing our nation and, more broadly, the global community through education, research and outreach. For more information about the Institute, please visit

Given the volatility and future uncertainties of the energy industry, what can energy companies do to survive and eventually thrive? This year’s Energy Symposium will focus on the most essential topics currently impacting strategic thinking in the energy industry. The program will feature a number of highly recognized energy experts who will engage in a wide-ranging discussion of the important issues relating to this year’s theme, Preparing for the Future of Energy – Thriving in Complex and Uncertain Times. The first session will address “Forces Shaping the Future of Energy - Global and U.S. Big Picture.” Panelists will discuss the factors impacting future energy demand (such as global population demographics, economic growth, and geopolitical uncertainties) and supply (such as future hydrocarbon resource potential and limitations, increasing environmental responsibilities the role of alternative energy resources, and economic realities), as well as the impact of technology and innovation. The second session will address “Challenges and Opportunities in the U.S.” Topics for this session include carbon dilemma, seismicity, and water management. Panelists in this session will first define the challenges and problems facing the industry us and then discuss how these problems and problems can be addressed, including the role of technology.

The symposium planning committee has worked hard to make this conference an enjoyable and informative experience. We believe this year’s symposium will offer timely insights to anyone in the energy community dealing with challenges and sincerely hope you can join us

Best wishes,

Dr. Dipankar Ghosh
David Ross Boyd Professor
David C. Steed Professor of Accounting
Executive Director, Energy Institute


Featuring Keynote Speaker

Kenneth Hersh - Chairman, NGP and CEO, George W. Bush Presidential Center, TX