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OU Entrepreneurship EXPO

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OU Entrepreneurship EXPO

Thursday, November 15th 4-7 PM at the OU Tom Love Innovation Hub

What is the EXPO?

 A trade show where OU students, Sooner Innovation Fund winners, local business owners, and entrepreneurs will exhibit their goods, services, and concepts in an open forum.

Application Process:

All participants must apply.

Each team must submit their application online by Oct 26th. Exhibitors will be divided into three categories:

  • New Venture Concept: more than just an idea but less than a company with customers. The founders have thought through the technology/product/service, the delivery method, and have information on potential customers. There is something to “show and tell” on a poster or computer demonstration.  A prototype or minimum viable product might have been developed.
  • First Customer: founding team has achieved committed presales and sales but have yet to scale or obtain investment. The team still testing and refining their business model and product concept.
  • Young Startup: the business is less than 3 years old, has created and captured value (i.e., customers pay for what they built), may or may not have investors, and is seeking funding to grow.

OU Entrepreneurship Expo is the place to get inspired and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit!

Come generate leads, network, build valuable new business relationships, and have fun!

Important Dates

  • Applications open September 7th
  • Applications close on October 26th.
  • Exhibiters announced on November 7th.
  • Expo – Thursday, November 15th 4-7 PM
    • Booth setup from 12-3 PM – all booths must be completed and checked by 3 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

The EXPO is a good chance to get early stage feedback on your venture concept from successful entrepreneurs, professional investors, and the community.

At best, you may take orders for your product or arrange a continued discussion for possible investment. At worst, you will learn whether other people think your venture is not viable before you sink time and money into it.

Beyond gaining feedback and sales, the EXPO is a gathering place where you can find collaborators, spark innovative ideas, and build connections to take dreams and make them a reality.

  • MUST be able to sit on top of 3X2 table
  • If you need a longer/wider table, please state why and we will try to accommodate your start up
  • Power is optional (please only select power if you require it)
  • List of minimal swag to bring for your booth: poster/banner/sign; tablecloth; business cards; other promotional stuff; your physical product to sell or a demonstration of your product concept.
  • Be prepared to pitch investors and sell to customers.


  • OU students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Open to the public
  • Special invitation to investors and community leaders

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