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2018 EXPO Exhibitors

Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
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OU Entrepreneurship EXPO Exhibitors Details

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Hart Media

Founder: Benjamin Possehl |  Application Category: Young Startup


Hart Media is a full service wedding videography company based in Oklahoma City. My passion lies in telling unique stories of love, commitment and joy through modern cinematography. Over the past two years, I have invested in equipment, marketing and training in order to provide the best service possible. It was nearly three years ago when I wrote the 30-page business plan for Hart Media. It started out as a project for DECA but manifested into a successful business. Hart Media's differential benefit is simply the quality, personality and value of my services. The quality of my product is superior to my competitions because it is infused with a personality only Hart Media has. Between music, equipment choice, editing and the customer experience, Hart Media provides tremendous value to the client. I am now looking to expand beyond wedding videography and provide video production services to businesses, non-profits and individuals alike. This is a huge market with a lot of potential for scalability.

Bridal Wave

Founder: Calla Hamlin |  Application Category: New Venture Concept


Bridal Wave is a simplified online wedding planning platform that minimizes stress by connecting couples directly to their perfect vendors. Currently, with traditional, outdated wedding planning practices, couples are forced to spend hours playing phone-tag with mismatched vendors that may not be suitable to their needs.

The way it works is simple. Couples fill out a 5-minute questionnaire that provides our server with key details about their location, budget, date range, and stylistic preferences. From there, only the most relevant vendors are notified about an anonymous couple seeking their services. If the couple meets the needs of the vendor as well (availability, pricing, style, etc.), then the vendor can bid for the couple's business. Within one day, the couple will have a refined list of the top three vendors curated specially for their dream wedding.

Since Bridal Wave creates value for both couples and vendors, it has adopted a dual-ended revenue model. To attract as many users as possible, Bridal Wave will offer its services to couples for free. Vendors, on the other hand, will be required to pay on a per-bid basis, or for the premium subscription with unlimited bids. As the world shifts towards e-commerce and efficiency more and more, customers will inevitably go looking for a simpler alternative- and we believe Bridal Wave is at the forefront of better solutions on the horizon of this $78.9 Billion industry.